Usually we prefer using the original because it will transfer at a higher quality. If you still have the original 8/16mm film we recommend that you send us both versions. We will choose the best one possible for transfer.

Yes we can.

We use the MPG2 format when transferring to DVD/Blu-Ray and MP4 for Cloud. For the expert who wants to edit the raw film footage, we provide files in the AVI (for PC) or MOV (for Mac) formats.  For video tapes, our files come in MP4 format.


For quality viewing, we put up to 2 hours of video onto a DVD disc (unless the original tape is more than 2 hours in which case, we transfer the full tape onto one disc.) If your individual videos are shorter than 2 hours, we will combine up to 4 videos onto one DVD.

Yes we can but only for in store customers.

You can find this information on our Video page.


For reel sizes, corresponding film length in feet and viewing time for full reels see table on our film page.

Yes, we have the technology to capture original audio from S-8/16mm film

For online orders

  • Videotapes: VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Hi-8, D-8, 8-mm, MiniDV, MiniDVD, SDCard
  • Film: 8mm, Super-8mm & 16 mm
  • Photos: Up to 8” x 10” print
  • Audio: Audio and Micro Cassettes

For in store orders

  • Videotapes: All of the above + Betacam SP; ¾”; DVCAM; Hard Drive
  • Camcorders; DVCPRO; D-9 + PAL/European conversions
  • Film: All of the above
  • Photos/Slides: All of the above + negatives & 35mm slides
  • Audio: Audio/micro cassettes, LP & 45 Records

Today’s technology gives you a lot of options when it comes to where to preserve your memories captured on old technology. There is no one right or wrong way to do it. It depends on how you want to view and use the end product.

For viewing on your TV screen only, a DVD or BluRay that can play in any DVD/BluRay player is the best way to go. You can have multiple copies made of the discs to give to friends and family.

If you are looking to use it on your computer for editing or sharing purposes, transferring your memories to an external hard drive/flash drive may be the best option.

Finally, if you want to be able to access your memories from anywhere and any compute/tablet/smart phone, uploading them to a Cloud Service may be the way to go.

You can also choose a combination of any of the above. The thing to remember is that if you want to preserve and be able to view all those old videos and movies collecting dust somewhere in your house, now is the time to do it – before the old technology media deteriorates to the point where they can no longer be transferred. Any of the above options will not only allow you to view them today but to also preserve them for the future.

Online Orders:

Since our rates are by the hour of transfers and length of film on reel, the amount shown on the order form you fill out, print and include in your shipment to us is ONLY AN ESTIMATE.  Once we receive your order, we review it and time out the tapes. We then e-mail an invoice to you for payment on line.  Once your on-line payment is received, your order is entered into our production line.

The only upfront charge you pay is for shipping and handling.  If you check the “Send Me A Box” on the checkout page, you will be asked to pay for us to send you a shipping box with pre-paid postage which you will receive within a week.  Should you choose to use your own box for shipping your material to us, you will be asked to pay an up-front handling fee of $5, which will be credited to you on your final invoice.

You can pay with Visa/MasterCard/Discover

In Store Orders:

WE DO NOT TAKE ANY PAYMENTS UP-FRONT. You pay when you pick up your completed order. You can pay with cash/check/Visa/MasterCard/Discover

You will be asked to choose one of two options for shipping your materials to us at checkout.  

Option 1 – You check “Send Me A Box” at checkout and we will send you a USPS flat rate box with pre-paid postage & tracking.  We’ll determine the size of the box to send you based on the items in your order.  You will be asked to make an upfront shipping & handling payment at checkout depending on the box size.  All you have to do is fill it with your material, include a copy of the order form and drop it off at your neighborhood post office.  

Option 2 –  You choose to use your own box to ship your material to us.  Print & include a copy of the order form in the box; attach the shipping label with our address which will print out along with your order form AND mail it to us using a service that offers a tracking number.  You will be asked to make an upfront handling payment of $5 at checkout which will be credited to you on your final invoice. 

For return shipments, a shipping & handling fee will be included in the invoice depending on size of shipping box used.  We only use shipping services with tracking.

Our shipping & handling rates are: $10.95 for small, $17.65 for medium & $22.90 for a large box for within Continental USA.   Shipments to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada may incur additional charges. 

Ship your order to:

ARS Video Inc.
89 West Ave.
Tallmadge OH 44278

For your convenience, a pre-printed address label will print automatically with your order form.

We return all your original material when the order is completed.

Under normal circumstances, it takes 2-4 weeks for an order to be processed once payment of your invoice is made. This may vary due to production volume and size of your order. We will advise you if your order is expected to take more than 4 weeks to complete.

We’ve made ordering with us very simple.

Step 1 – Complete the pricing form for an estimate and proceed to checkout.

Step 2 – Print a copy of the order form and include it in a box along with your material & mail it to us.  If you need a box, we will send you one or you can use your own (see “How Does Shipping Work?”)

Step 3 – When we receive your order, we’ll send you an acknowledgement e-mail.  Within a week, we review your order, time out your tapes and e-mail you a final invoice.  Simply follow the instructions to make an on-line payment.

Your order is then entered into our production line and we’ll e-mail you a confirmation. Once your order is complete, it will be shipped back to you along with your original material.  You will be e-mailed your shipping confirmation, tracking number and the estimated date of delivery.

We know how valuable your memories are so we keep you updated each step of the way via e-mail.

Although ARS Video takes all possible precautions to safeguard materials sent to us, to provide the best quality end product and to do our outmost to correct any errors on our part, we do not guarantee that our services will be free or any errors or defects. We do however guarantee that we will correct our mistakes.

ARS Video will make corrections for mistakes that are the result of the Company’s misreading of customer instructions for 30 days from the date the completed order has been shipped back to the customer or in case of in store orders, from the day the finished order has been picked up by the customer. At its sole discretion, ARS Video may make exceptions past the 30 day limit on a case by case basis

ARS Video will not convert or handle adult material.

ARS Video will only make 1 copy of a copyrighted material for personal use if the material is not available for purchase on DVD. We recommend that you check the internet for availability of your VHS movie or show in DVD format before you decide to have them converted. Most times, it will be more economical to purchase the DVD on line. Also, there are copyrighted VHS videos with macrovision that are not transferable.

Our pricing is simple and fair with no hidden costs. When it comes to video/camcorder tape transfers, we don’t believe in charging you for TV or blank tapes. Our pricing is based on total hours of tape you have recorded AND includes the DVD disc.

For 8/16 mm film on reel, our per foot pricing includes a DVD, cleaning and splicing, a beginning title, appropriate background music,  disc labeling and plastic packaging.  We will not transfer and you will NOT pay for film that is all white or all black.

Check out our prices . “Apples to apples” you get more value with ARS Video.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 844-353-2255

All the work is done in U.S.A. at our Tallmadge, Ohio location.

If you live in the Akron area, you can drop off your tapes, film and photos/slides at our Tallmadge location. Otherwise, send us your order from anywhere in the country and trust us to take very good care of it.

The average life span of your video tapes is 15-20 years. So, now is the time to convert all those videos you shot in the 1980s and 1990s. Film on reel (8/16mm) lasts longer depending on how they are kept. Water and humidity are its worst enemies. Slides and photos fade overtime.

Converting your old technology to DVD disc, external hard drive or the Cloud allows you to preserve your memories before they become irretrievable forever. You owe it to your loved ones and to generations to come to preserve and pass on your history.

As a three generational family business we at ARS Video know all too well the value of your memories. They are irreplaceable. We have been preserving and helping you share your memories far longer than most of our competitors – since 1987. We treat your material as if our own. Excellent customer service and a quality end product have always been our priority. We have a team of well-trained technicians and stay on top of cutting edge technology. Furthermore, our pricing structure is simple and fair with no hidden costs.

While we run our operations as a high tech company, when it comes to our customers we operate as a family business.

From our family to yours, our commitment is full satisfaction.

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