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About ARS Video

Since 1987, the ARS Video team has been preserving precious memories and valuable archival footage through video transfer, film digitization and more media services for customers across the USA. Our team is always watching for new technology trends and is proud to have been at the forefront of analog media conversions for many years. Committed to customer service excellence and to delivering a great final product for our customers - many of whom are repeat partners over the years - we blog about trends in digitization,  high tech vs low tech, culture milestones, and tips for getting the most out of your valuable recorded media. Thanks for reading!

5 Reasons Why A Professional Video Transfer Service Beat DIY Methods

At ARS Video, we understand the value of your precious memories. With decades of experience in video transfer services, we've seen firsthand why choosing our professional digitization services for converting your old video tapes to digital formats far surpasses the DIY approach. Follow along as we outline some of the benefits of choosing a professional [...]

The Digital Evolution: 35mm Slides to Digital

The history of photographic slides is an interesting journey that has transformed how we capture and preserve memories. From the golden era of 35mm slides all the way to the modern digital age, the evolution of slide technology has left an indelible mark on photography and filmmaking. At ARS Video, we specialize in bridging the [...]

Converting VHS to Digital: A Dive into the World of VCRs

In the golden age of home entertainment, families across the globe captured and watched their cherished memories using a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder or Videocassette Recorder) and VHS tapes. These magnetic marvels were once a household staple, but as technology evolved, they've become relics of a bygone era. If you have stacks of old VHS [...]

Enhancing and Restoring Your Super 8 and 8mm Film Memories

Super 8 and 8mm film have long been cherished mediums for capturing family and creative memories. Their distinct grainy texture and signature color grading evoke an unparalleled sense of nostalgia. These small film reels encapsulate family vacations, birthdays, weddings, and countless other personal moments. But, as time marches forward, these invaluable reels face the threat [...]

Construction Video Services: Enhancing Projects with Aerial Videography and PRECON Services

Construction video services, including PRECON (Pre-Construction Video Services), have emerged as innovative and invaluable tools in the construction industry. With advancements in technology, the use of drones for capturing high-resolution videos and photographs is increasingly popular. These services are revolutionizing the way construction projects are documented, marketed, managed, and safeguarded. Pre-Construction Video Services PRECON services [...]

A Guide to ARS Video’s Audio Digitization Services

Do you remember the days when the crackle of a vinyl record was the prelude to your favorite songs? Or the magnetic harmony resonating from an audio cassette tape? Perhaps you're a collector with a prized set of 45s, or a sentimentalist with a drawer full of microcassettes featuring memories from yesteryears? Do you have [...]

4 Reasons Why Film Digitization is Necessary for Preserving Your Precious Memories

Preserving and accessing treasured media in old formats is more important now than ever before. Every video tape, photo, and film reel is going digital in our modern age of technology and - like most technological trends - you either hop on board or get left behind. Film digitization protects the value and nostalgia of [...]

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