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How to Transfer Audio From Cassette Tape to CD?

Growing up, how many of us collected original, taped audio cassettes of our favorite memories with our families, conversations, personal memos, and even ourselves singing?  Such a shame all those memories are stuck on audio cassette tapes that are either too fragile to play, or the tape decks on which to play them are so difficult [...]

Is There Any Material That ARS Video Will Not Convert?

If you have analog footage, you need to convert this into a digital format so that it will last for years to come. Even though you might be thinking about doing this at home, it is more important for you to rely on a professional service that can assist you. There is a lot of [...]

Film Reel Length: How Many Hours of Film Do I Have?

With each new blockbuster release, the film and television business continues to grow more than ever before, generating millions of new cinema fans. It's hard to believe that this business didn't exist before the nineteenth century. Now that virtually everything is filmed with digital cameras and sound equipment, it's easy to forget that until the [...]

Proper Film Storage: Keeping Your Memories Safe

If you have a lot of home memories that you would like to protect, then you might be wondering how you should keep them safe. This might be your only copy, so if something happens to them, you could find yourself out of luck. Therefore, what should you do to keep your memories safe from [...]

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