On April 15th, ARS Video attended the Ohio Museum Association (OMA) Conference for the first time. Held in Sandusky, Ohio, the conference was a significant event for professionals dedicated to preserving the history of Ohio – which boasts over 1,200 museums, cultural, and historical sites. At ARS Video, we’re known for digitizing archival materials for museums, libraries, and universities, so our team thought this was the perfect venue to showcase our experience.

A particularly memorable moment at the conference was reconnecting with a long-time customer, the Executive Director of a local museum. She seemed pleasantly surprised to see ARS Video set up at the event, and we were equally pleased to reconnect with a professional in the museum world. This serendipitous meeting underscores how our reputation in consumer media preservation seamlessly aligns with the needs of the professional archival community. It was a wonderful example of how the expertise in one realm can benefit the other, creating a symbiotic relationship that enhances the preservation efforts on both fronts.

First-Time Exhibitors with a Warm Reception

Although we were exhibiting at the OMA Conference for the first time, ARS Video received a very positive reception from the attendees. Many of the institutions we spoke with had a wide range of media formats needing preservation. These formats ranged from older technologies such as slides, 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm film reels, to more recent media like HDV and Digi Beta and, luckily, we can preserve digitize them all at ARS!

The conference also highlighted the challenges faced by these institutions. Many are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of archival material and the limited resources they have. Anyone in the archival world understands that the grant-driven environment necessitates long-term planning, as institutions must secure funding before embarking on digitization projects, which can span multiple years. Additionally, media from the 1970s and 80s, such as U-matic, Betacam SP, Betamax, and VHS tapes, are deteriorating rapidly and require urgent attention. ARS Video offers free on-site consultations within a reasonable driving distance to help these institutions develop a strategy for their preservation needs.

Building Connections for Future Collaborations

For our experts, the conference was not just about showcasing services but also about building connections. ARS Video made valuable contacts, including with the Ohio Local History Alliance, which will hold its annual meeting in Columbus in October, where ARS plans to exhibit. We also connected with the Association of Midwestern Museums, opening up potential marketing opportunities for the future that we’re excited to explore.

High-Quality Digitization Services

ARS Video provides high-quality digitization services. Museums, universities, libraries, historical societies, benevolent organizations, and corporations face the challenge of preserving vast amounts of video, audio, and other media. Digitizing this valuable past can bring it back to life and make it accessible for present and future use. Converting media is our specialty, and we ensure the safety of your collections while preserving them in a digital format.

As proud members of the Society of American Archivists, ARS Video offers:

Media Conversions for Archivists and Museums

Preserve your institution’s media with high-quality digitization of your video tapes, film, cassette tapes, and more. Classic media can be enhanced and saved for access on modern devices, reaching a whole new audience. Institutions can explore grant opportunities through the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Grants.gov.

Benefits of Converting Your Institution’s Vintage Media

  • Preserve the past and history
  • Prevent further deterioration of material
  • Make collections easily organized, searchable, retrievable, and shareable
  • Ensure security against loss or disaster
  • Allow multiple access sharing
  • Make media usable in productions

Let Us Preserve Your History

Since 1987, ARS Video, Inc. has partnered with premier institutions to preserve their collections. If you’re looking to digitize 8mm, 16mm, or 35mm film, video/camcorder tapes, slides/photos/negatives, or audio/micro cassettes, ARS Video ensures high-quality digital conversions to meet your specific needs. Our services help institutions provide online access to users, create documentary content, and develop promotional materials.

ARS Video’s participation in the OMA Conference highlighted the critical role of digitization in preserving history. By bridging the gap between consumer and archival worlds, our team continues to support the preservation efforts of institutions, ensuring that valuable historical media remains accessible for generations to come. Whether it’s transferring 35mm movie film or converting VHS tapes, ARS Video is dedicated to preserving your history through high-quality digitization services.

Contact us for more information or drop off your old footage today to get started. We look forward to building a relationship with your institution in the near future!