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Convert Home Movies to Digital

How ARS Video Picks Up the Slack with Top-of-the-Line Digital Conversion Services

With the number of large companies out there that offer digital conversions, you'd expect their services to be comprehensive. More often than not, what you will actually find is that many “big box” companies prefer to save on costs and the hassle of digitizing old analog media that have issues such as old tapes that [...]

Answering Your Digitization FAQs From the Great Big Home & Garden Show

In February, our team members had the opportunity to set up a booth at the Great Big Home and Garden Show at the IX Center in Cleveland. While we were there, we noticed some recurring questions from individuals who were curious about the 16mm film projector we keep running at the booth--and some from those [...]

Going the Extra Mile: Convert Home Movies to Digital with ARS Video

In a fast-paced world where moments come and go in an instant, there's something extraordinary about the timeless charm of home movies. These treasured recordings capture the laughter, tears, and milestones that shape our lives, preserving memories too precious to let fade away. That’s why seeking out video transfer services for your tapes and old [...]

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