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Preserving Precious Memories: Converting 8mm Film To Digital

In the era of rapidly evolving technology, the importance of preserving cherished memories has never been more relevant. Home movies captured on 8mm film hold a special place in our hearts, but unfortunately, the aging format poses a significant risk to their longevity. However, there's good news! ARS Video is here to help you convert [...]

Going the Extra Mile: Convert Home Movies to Digital with ARS Video

In a fast-paced world where moments come and go in an instant, there's something extraordinary about the timeless charm of home movies. These treasured recordings capture the laughter, tears, and milestones that shape our lives, preserving memories too precious to let fade away. That’s why seeking out video transfer services for your tapes and old [...]

Should You Do Your Own Film Conversion or Let ARS Video Convert It?

Let ARS Video Help! For many people, photos, negatives, videos, and films of their loved ones are where all their memories are held. The idea of losing those memories is unthinkable. Fortunately, technological advances mean that these items can easily be digitized, preserving them in a convenient, safe, and shareable way.   The availability of [...]

ARS Video: The Best Company to Digitize Home Movies

Why You Should Digitize Home Movies With ARS Video Video camera and camcorder recordings typically have a lifespan of around 15–20 years. Any film footage taken before 2000 already risks being lost forever—unless you have the film converted to digital files. If you’re looking for somewhere to get your favorite footage saved and preserved, there [...]

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