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Transfer VHS To Digital: Crossing Off An Item on Your Bucket List

Last month, ARS Video set up a booth at the vibrant IX Convention Center during the Cleveland Christmas Connection, a festive marketplace where people can shop for holiday gifts, see works from local artisans, experience holiday displays and more. Amidst the holiday cheer and festive spirit, we encountered numerous individuals, particularly women in their 30s [...]

Converting VHS to Digital: A Dive into the World of VCRs

In the golden age of home entertainment, families across the globe captured and watched their cherished memories using a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder or Videocassette Recorder) and VHS tapes. These magnetic marvels were once a household staple, but as technology evolved, they've become relics of a bygone era. If you have stacks of old VHS [...]

ARS Video: The Best Company to Digitize Home Movies

Why You Should Digitize Home Movies With ARS Video Video camera and camcorder recordings typically have a lifespan of around 15–20 years. Any film footage taken before 2000 already risks being lost forever—unless you have the film converted to digital files. If you’re looking for somewhere to get your favorite footage saved and preserved, there [...]

What Was the First VHS Movie?

Somewhere back in the early 1980s, an apparatus connected to a TV started taking the country over by storm. No, it was not the Beta movie player. Nor was it the LaserDisc player, either. It was, instead, the VHS videotape player, a TV version throwback to a 1970s 8-track cassette player, but no one wanted to [...]

How to Transfer Audio From Cassette Tape to CD?

Growing up, how many of us collected original, taped audio cassettes of our favorite memories with our families, conversations, personal memos, and even ourselves singing?  Such a shame all those memories are stuck on audio cassette tapes that are either too fragile to play, or the tape decks on which to play them are so difficult [...]

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