Today’s technology gives you a lot of options when it comes to where to preserve your memories captured on old technology. Discs are going away.  We recommend converting everything to High Def (HD)  – 1920×1080 – which makes the image 1920 pixels in length and 1080 pixels in height to accommodate today’s televisions.  Prior to 2007, all camcorders captured video in Standard Def (SD) – 720 x 480.  We have the technology to transfer SD to HD which allows for the viewing of the video as a larger image on your TV and computer from a flash drive or external hard drive via USB ports.  You can also upload these files to your favorite platform such YouTube.  For those preferring discs, we can still make DVD or BluRay discs.

In similar fashion, audio files can be played using the same equipment as well as in your car.  CDs are also available.

The thing to remember is that if you want to preserve and be able to view all those old videos and movies collecting dust somewhere in your house, now is the time to do it – before the old technology media deteriorates to the point where they can no longer be transferred.  Any of the above options will not only allow you to view them today but to also preserve them for the future.

Call us if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to discuss the best options for you.