Here is a $25 gift idea – a book offered by the Society of American Archivists to help you with your personal archiving project.

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 Creating Family Archives

Not just a gift.
It’s history in the making.

Got an attic overflowing with boxes of family photos and irreplaceable documents? A computer overloaded with files you don’t want to lose and a phone with no more storage?

The task of organizing and saving all these important things can seem overwhelming. That’s why Margot Note wrote the book Creating Family Archives, an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to organizing and preserving your family memories and documents. She’ll walk you through how to handle your materials, the best supplies to buy, and ways to display and share your personal archives.

As an author and archivist, Margot has more than 20 years of experience managing information and consulting for national and international organizations.

“Guaranteed to offer a smart and clear-headed approach, Margot always gets the job done with efficiency and intelligence, and in a way that usually makes it seem easier than it surely is,” as one of her clients observed.

While you may not become a professional archivist, you’ll rest easier at night knowing that future generations will be able to enjoy your family history!

About the author: Margot Note is an archives consultant, a professor in the graduate women’s history program at Sarah Lawrence College, and an adjunct assistant professor in the library and information science program at St. John’s University. She received her Master of Arts in women’s history from Sarah Lawrence College and holds a master’s in library and information science and post-master’s in archives and records management from Drexel University. 

UPDATED: 2019-12-13

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Creating Family Archives | Society of American Archivists