Cherished old photos are more than just pictures; they capture our most precious memories. With the advancement of technology in recent years, digitizing photos has become essential for preserving these moments. However, digitization is only half the battle. Organizing your digital photo collection is crucial for easy access, and photo sharing with friends, family, and other loved ones.

How ARS Video Digitizes Your Photographs 

At ARS Video, we specialize in professional photo digitization services for digital conversion, transforming your photo albums into high-quality digital files with our flatbed scanner. Once we have a scanned photo, we convert it into JPG or TIF file of up to 1200 dpi resolution.

This process preserves the integrity of your photos, ensuring that your memories are not just stored, but are also enhanced in quality. The care with which our team of experts handles the original photos, returning them in their pristine condition, is a testament to our commitment to preserving these precious moments.

Tips for Organizing Your Digital Photo Collection

There are a few actions to keep in mind when organizing your digital memories:

Create Folders and Subfolders: Organize your photos into folders and subfolders. You might have a main folder for each year, with subfolders for specific events or themes that year. ARS Video will keep your photos in the order in which you provide them.  Do not mark on them with pen or magic marker, as this may leave marks on the picture when you place text on it.

Regular Backups: Protect your memories by regularly backing up your digital photo collection to an external hard drive or your cloud storage. Also, ARS Video will also keep a backup of everything we do here in case you need another copy in the future.

Edit and Curate: Don’t be afraid to delete duplicates or low-quality images. Keeping only the best photos makes your collection more enjoyable and focused. If you don’t know all people in a photo, you may want to preserve the image, as facial recognition software will be available in the future to help identify all individuals.

Why Organization is Important 

Organizing your digital photo collection is crucial for several reasons. It ensures your digital photo albums, digital copies, and scanned images are preserved in an accessible and manageable format, making it easier to share these precious moments with family and friends. Organized photos also ensure that you can find specific memories quickly, without the frustration of sifting through thousands of unsorted images.

Organized digital photo collections aren’t just about convenience; they’re also about maintaining an emotional connection with your past. By having a well-organized collection, you’re creating a legacy that can easily be passed down to future generations.

A Photo Digitization Service You Can Trust

Organizing your digital photos can seem like a daunting task, but it’s a rewarding process that brings your memories to life. Begin by digitizing your photos with ARS Video, where we offer the best photo scanning service to transform your cherished memories, slides, and photographs into digital memories. Our team not only cares for the quality of your images but also preserves the stories behind them.

If you live outside of northeast Ohio where we’re located, feel free to ship us your materials – start by downloading our free packing slip. We have never had an issue yet with lost packages when the package was tracked, and will track where your precious memories are in their journey after they’ve been sent. If you do live in the area and would prefer to drop off your photos, you can visit us in Tallmadge, Ohio, and hand your materials directly to a member of our team!

Contact us to embark on your journey of preserving and organizing your memories. Remember, a well-organized digital photo album collection is more than just a convenience; it’s a bridge to your past and a gift to your future!