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Your family memories are slowly decaying. If you have a library of VHS tapes, 8mm and 16mm film, photos, slides and audio tapes, it might be time to move those to the digital world. While there are many video transfer services available, professionalism and respect for your source materials is often lacking – and some services can take months to process your media and deliver the files.

The good news is, ARS Video is your video transfer service near you wherever you happen to live! Located in Northeast Ohio near both Akron and Cleveland, our facilities are easy to find. Yet we also receive old film, VCR tapes and photos, and even audio cassettes from points East, West, North and South on the compass, serving the entire country with our professional video and media digital conversion service. We will transfer your beloved memories to a long-lasting digital format and ship all files back to you upon completion! And due to our small size and focus on customer service, our turn-around times are fast and customer satisfaction is through the roof!

“I couldn’t be happier with my choice to have ARS Video handle the digitizing of my family VHS recordings, slides, 8mm tapes, mini cassette audio, etc. So many precious memories now in a current format. As soon as I’ve organized my photos, I will gladly be making the 1-hour trek to Tallmadge, Ohio to have them professionally scanned. Thank you ARS!”

JoAnn Wilson