We can transfer your audio/microcassettes as well as vinyl records to CD or flash drive

$25/hour for audio/microcassettes. Minimum of 1 hour per order.

  • Price includes a CD or flash drive
  • 10% discount for over 10 hours of transfer
  • 25% discount for over 25 hours of transfer

$20 each for transfers from 45 vinyl records to CD or flash drive

$29 each for transfers from 33 or 78 vinyl records to CD or flash drive, ask about our 1/2″ 2-track and 4-track

Audio to Digital Transfer Service

It would be nice to think that the entire world was digitized, and for the most part, this is true. With 70% of all organizations now putting into place some form of digital initiative, the whole world is being transformed by digitization initiatives and audio is a huge part of this evolution. But, what does that mean to you and your old recordings? It’s possible that you have not yet experienced the value of digitized audio, but even if you haven’t yet heard the difference, you’ll quickly see why it’s so important to implement digitization for your audio today.

You may find that you prefer to digitize your collection yourself with the software and hardware options. Or, you may want to avoid the hassle and expense and cut straight to the crux with an outsourced capture and conversion like A.R.S Video Inc.

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Digitize Your Old Audio Recordings

There are many great reasons why you may still have your original audiotapes, vinyl records, and other recordings. As a collector, you may just love listening to the music or other sound recordings in the original format. Those recordings may even be some of your most cherished possessions. They could even be part of an irreplaceable collection, with one-of-a-kind or hard to replace masterworks. This does not mean that you should not still digitize these original formats.

Even if you love and prefer the dynamic sound quality of original recordings, there comes a time when you should consider converting them to other formats. You may want to take the music with you, which really is not practical in its original format. Or, the original format may have started to deteriorate. Converting the files to a digital format is an important back-up measure as well. After all, particularly with rare collections, those recordings would be difficult and sometimes even impossible to replace. This is especially true of personal recordings and tapes

Digitize Audiotapes

Many people these days are turning to home-digitization methods to store or update their personal recordings. The capture quality of these do-it-yourself audio capture solutions will vary, depending on your skills, knowledge, equipment, and the quality of the tape itself. An audiotape could have been damaged from exposure to the heat or just adversely affected by being stored in the garage for the last 10-20 years. 

Digitize Vinyl

Vinyl records have a distinct sound compared with digital recordings, but sometimes you just cannot bring the record and stereo equipment with you. You can hook up your turntable to your computer with a USB phono preamplifier. Or, it could be that you just do not have the stereo equipment anymore. Whatever the reason, having vinyl recordings converted into a digital format can be extremely helpful.   

Hire an Audio Service to Convert Your Files

It is always possible that you will find that you love converting the audio files yourself. But, for many, the capture and conversion process are frustrating, time-consuming, and very expensive. You might even find that you will buy the equipment to start the project, but then life gets in the way. That is why it is important to at least consider outsourcing your capture and conversion process.

Here at A.R.S Video Inc, we offer the audio capture and conversion services you need to transform your library. Whether you are looking to convert vinyl records, audio cassettes, or other audio assets, we can quickly and reliably deliver. We guarantee that you will see and hear the high-quality results for yourself, with the best value. Contact us to learn more.