High-Quality Digitization for Archivist and Museums

Museums, universities, libraries, historical societies, corporations – all kinds of organizations – today face the problem of how to best preserve vast amounts of video, audio and other media they hold in their archives. Digitizing this valuable past can bring it back to life and allow for its use in the present.

Media Conversions for Archivists and Museums

Preserve your institution’s media with high-quality digitization of your video reels, film and cassette tapes. Classic video and other media can be enhanced and saved for access on modern devices to reach a whole new audience.  Check for grants with the Institute of Museum and Library Services https://www.imls.gov/grants/grant-programs and Grants.gov (below)!

Government Grants are available to preserve and archive your institutional media! Learn more here.

Let Us Preserve Your History

ARS Video, Inc. can digitize 8/16/35mm film and video/camcorder tapes, professional or consumer, to High Definition and some to 2K. We also digitize slides/photos and audio/micro cassettes to your specifications. Since 1987 we have worked with several premier institutions, helping them preserve their collections for all sorts of purposes such as providing access to users online, content for documentaries and developing in-house promotional material.

Benefits of Converting Vintage Media

  • Preserve the past and history
  • No further deterioration of material (maintain quality)
  • Collections become easily organized, searchable, retrievable and shareable
  • Security (against loss and/or disaster)
  • Allows for multiple access sharing
  • Makes it useable in media productions

Our Archive and Museum Clients Love Us!

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Media Conversions for Archivists & Museums

Media Conversions for Archivists and Museums

We at ARS Video know that each project and each institution’s requirements are unique. We work with you to customize the end product for your specific needs. We are so confident of our service and the quality of our work that we will convert a sample of your material for FREE! Contact us for details.

We can convert nearly any video type!

Sound on! This video was converted with the original Super 8 audio.

Review from a Satisfied Customer

“Our Library has been working with ARS Video for years. We have had many outdated and obscure
audiovisual formats in our archival collections that contain valuable local history footage that needed to be preserved. ARS has been able to transfer and digitize any video format we have ever given them. The
service time was always a quick turnaround no matter what time of year or how much material we handed over. Gary was great to work with; helpful, knowledgeable and considerate of our specific needs
when assessing any job we needed done. With the continuous necessity to reformat obsolete video formats for modern platforms at a reasonable price, we have been so fortunate to be able to work with
ARS Video and will continue to work with them in the future.”

-Manager, Special Collections, Akron Public Library