Film Reel to Digital Transfer Services

moviesFilm fades overtime depending on how your reels have been kept.  Water & humidity are their worst enemies.  Don’t delay it any longer.  Preserve and pass on your memories to your loved ones with ARS Video.

We believe this will be the last time your film will be run so you owe it to yourself to get the very best transfer.  We have been doing this for a long time and have the special equipment to get you the highest-possible quality transfer. Since 1987 we’ve transferred over 6 million feet of film – that’s over 1,150 miles.

Our frame by frame film scanning system for 8mm/S8mm (including Magi-cartridge), 16mm & 35mm creates high definition files (1920 x 1080) for today’s TVs.  We can also capture original audio on S8/16/35mm film.  Our price INCLUDES a flash drive that plays on your PC and/or TV.  Even though DVDs are going away, we can still make them for you.

Our attention to detail sets us apart.

Regular 8mm and Super 8mm to High Def – $.55 per foot

16mm to High Def –  $0.45 per foot

35mm to High Def – $0.65 per foot

  • Price includes splicing, cleaning, color adjusting, background music & 1 flash drive.
  • Film with sound may have an additional cost.
  • No hidden costs – pay only for actual feet of film you have to transfer.
  • All transfers backed up on site for future copies
  • DVD copies available for $11.95
  • 20% discount for orders over 3,000 feet

For the Expert

Do you prefer to edit the digitized footage yourself?

Actual feet of film you have to transfer. We will not transfer and you will NOT pay for film that is all black or all white.

Call us if you prefer the raw High Def .MOV or .AVI files.  Discounts may apply.

How It Works
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How many feet/hours of film do I have?


    8mm/S-8mm      16mm     35mm
   3″ reel=50 ft. ~ 3 min. long ~2 min. long 30-45 sec. long
   4″ reel=100 ft. not available ~ 4 min. long 1-1:30 min. long
   5″ reel=200 ft. ~ 6 min. long not available not available
   6″ reel=300 ft. ~ 18 min. long ~ 9 min. long not available
   7″ reel=400 ft.  ~ 24 min. long ~ 12 min. long 4:30-6 min. long
   8″ reel=600 ft. ~ 18 min. long not available
 10″ reel=800 ft. ~ 24 min. long 9-12 min. long
 12″ reel=1200 ft. ~ 36 min. long 13-18 min. long
 14″ reel=1600 ft. ~ 48 min. long not available