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Digitize Home Movies

moviesFilm fades overtime depending on how your reels have been kept and stored.  Water & humidity are their worst enemies.  Don’t delay any longer.  Memories make the best gift! Preserve and pass on your family memories to your loved ones with ARS Video – convert your home movies to digital.

We believe this will be the last time your film will be run so you owe it to yourself to get the very best film transfer available. We’ve been doing this for decades and have the special equipment to get you the highest-quality transfer possible. Since 1987 we’ve transferred over 6 million feet of film – that’s over 1,150 miles of digitized home movies!

Develop Movie FilmOur frame-by-frame film scanning system for 8mm/S8mm film (including Magi-cartridge), 16mm film & 35mm film creates high-definition files (1920 x 1080) for today’s TVs. We can also capture original audio on S8/16/35mm film. Our price INCLUDES a flash drive that plays on your PC and/or TV. Even though DVDs are going away, we can still make them for you as a viewing medium. Ask about our 2K archival services.

Our attention to detail and our professionalism sets us apart.

Convert Regular 8mm and Super 8mm to High Def Digital – $.44 per foot

Convert 16mm to High Def Digital –  $0.36 per foot

Convert 35mm to High Def Digital – $0.65 per foot

  • Price includes splicing, cleaning, color adjusting, & 1 flash drive.
  • Film with sound or adding background sound may have an additional cost.
  • No hidden costs – pay only for actual feet of film you have to transfer.
  • All transfers backed up on site for future copies.
  • DVD copies available for $11.95
  • Quantity discounts may apply.

For the Expert

Do you prefer to edit the digitized footage yourself?

Actual feet of film you have to transfer. We will not transfer and you will NOT pay for film that is all black or all white.

Call us if you prefer the raw High Definition or 2K .AVI files and/or frame by frame TIF files.  Discounts may apply.

How many feet/hours of film do I have?


    8mm/S-8mm      16mm     35mm
   3″ reel=50 ft. ~ 3 min. long ~2 min. long 30-45 sec. long
   4″ reel=100 ft. not available ~ 4 min. long 1-1:30 min. long
   5″ reel=200 ft. ~ 6 min. long not available not available
   6″ reel=300 ft. ~ 18 min. long ~ 9 min. long not available
   7″ reel=400 ft.  ~ 24 min. long ~ 12 min. long 4:30-6 min. long
   8″ reel=600 ft. ~ 18 min. long not available
 10″ reel=800 ft. ~ 24 min. long 9-12 min. long
 12″ reel=1200 ft. ~ 36 min. long 13-18 min. long
 14″ reel=1600 ft. ~ 48 min. long not available

A.R.S. Video Inc. offers professional film conversion services that meet all your film to digital transfer needs. We convert 8mm film to digital as well as 16mm and 35mm. Converting 8mm film to digital transfer services is very popular. The telecine equipment gently pulls the film by the edges rather than the sprockets. We digitize home movies and historical 16MM and 35MM film in a cost-effective process and ensure the quality of your final product is never compromised.

There is a high chance your family’s past events have been recorded somewhere on some old film reels. The sooner you convert home movies to digital formats, the better. You do not have to lose your old family treasures when we can help preserve them for future generations. From the 1930s to the early 1980s, most families captured their special moments or daily lives using either 8mm, 16mm, or the super 8 films.


Convert 8mm Film to Digital

Digital Transfer Services

Also known as Regular 8, this film was created from the 16mm film, and consumers loved it because it was less expensive compared to the 16mm. Our 8mm film to digital conversion process allows you to once-again view your old film footage as well as to share it today.

Although some families still possess 8mm projectors today, they are slowly but surely becoming less common. One of the most cost-effective methods of converting your 8mm film to a digital file, as longs as the film is in good physical condition, is through frame by frame scanning process.

If you treasure your family memories or just love old films, you probably have some metal canisters containing 8mm family-recorded movies. One may be labeled “Brian’s birthday in 1986,” while the other “Our vacation in Seychelles,” or even “My graduation day.” The films will usually be filled with short videos that take you back to your graduation, pre-prom videos, birthday, reunions, and other important life moments.

Convert Super 8 Home Movies to Digital

Super 8 became famous in the 1960s and had more than 1000 lines of resolutions. If you are looking to convert your Super 8 film to a digital file and store it in a flash drive or the cloud, you need to consider the equipment you will use and the required resolution. Some Super 8 film had audio which we can capture!

By sending your film to us for conversion, we can ensure that your memories are properly stored on USB flash drives as high-definition video files, and can be integrated in any type of media playback device, or even stored in the cloud for sharing. Many Americans are finding large catalogs of family film they would like to keep and view, but they either don’t have available storage for these reels, or functioning equipment necessary for playback, which is why we are ready to convert Super 8 film to a Digital format for an updated library.

Enhancing and Restoring Your Super 8 and 8mm Film Memories

Convert 16mm and 35mm Film to Digital

Digitize Your 16mm Film With ARS Video

16mm and 35mm were the first film formats used on projectors. If you have a 16mm or 35mm film that has survived all these years, you are very lucky because you can enjoy your parents’ and grandparents’ memories. However, it is now time to convert them to digital files. When you digitize home movies, you make them accessible to view with today’s technology while preserving them for posterity!

To convert these, we use a frame-by-frame scanner. Scanners produce better images compared to recording projected images.

Why You Should Digitize Home Movies and Film

Nothing Lasts Forever

Super 8, 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm films are delicate, and require proper storage and maintenance to be in ideal working condition. Otherwise, they can begin to show signs of damage and degradation, as is the case in many inherited films. Prevent decay – digitize your home movies and film!

Save on Space

Why should you have a whole closet dedicated to past videos and pictures? Transferring your films to digital files saves you space at home because you keep all your files on a convenient, small flash drive or DVD. Reduce your storage needs – digitize your home movies and film!

Preserve Your Memories:
Digital Transfer Services

Unique Gift Opportunities

Digitized films of important moments can make wonderful and unique gifts for a loved one. From birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, to the holiday season, a personalized copy of a special family moment or memory can mean so much more than something from a big box store. Create memories by giving memories – digitize your home movies and film!

Access, Access, Access

As older technologies for viewing your media disappear – like VHS players, reel film projectors, and slide projectors – it becomes more and more difficult to watch your vintage, collectible and memorable media collections. Converting your media to digital files stored on a USB flashdrive or DVD allows you to not only watch Yesterday’s memories Today in HD on your television or computer, but also lets you share these memories on social media or via the Cloud. Access and enjoyment restored!

Please visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions on converting home movies to digital. Check out what a few of our countless satisfied customers have to say about our film digitization services. Ready to engage with ARS Video? Read about our shipping process and contact us here.

Convert VHS to digital format for longevity, access, sharing and enjoyment, with ARS Video’s VHS conversion service.