Convert 8mm Film to Digital

Your old film footage has a lot of precious personal memories contained within it, which is why taking care of that footage should be your number one priority. To preserve your memories for all posterity, we suggest that you convert your 8mm film to digital through our film digitization services at ARS Video.

8mm Film to Digital Conversion Service

As the film ages, memories you and your loved ones hold dear could be lost forever. ARS Video will convert Regular 8mm and Super 8mm film to digital files to ensure your memories are preserved for years to come . Some Super 8mm film may have audio which we can capture as well. ARS Video uses a process that scans the film frame by frame and gently pulls it by the edges, not the sprocket holes. The files are High-Definition 1920×1080 MP4, .MOV or .AVI files, all delivered on one USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive that works on your TV (all TVs have USB ports) and computer. Simply navigate to the film you want to watch and press enter. The files can also be uploaded to the cloud and you can make copies for the family. We will also keep a backup on-site in case you need another Flash Drive with your media in the future.

What is 8mm Film?

Both Super 8 and Regular 8mm film are exactly 8mm wide. Originally designed back in the 1930s as a smaller, cheaper, and more portable option to the most popular film type of the decade (16mm), Regular 8 quickly made a name for itself as a more affordable film for consumers to use to record their home movies. Super 8 became available in 1965 and provided a sharper image with an audio recording option.

8mm film was shot on half of 16mm film and then the film was manually removed from the camera and flipped over for a second pass-through on the opposite side. Once exposed, the film was sent out for processing, where it is split down the middle and attached into a 50-foot, 3-inch diameter reel that runs for approximately 3-4 minutes when played on a projector. Oftentimes, people with 8mm film will combine the small reels onto 200, 300, and 400-foot reels before enjoying their 8mm movies at home. To convert 8mm film to digital allows for much easier playback and viewing, as well as sharing. More on this below!

This video features digitized audio from the original Super 8 reel

Why Convert Regular 8/Super 8mm Film to Digital Video Files?

There are four main reasons to consider why you should convert your 8mm film to digital files.

  1. 8mm film is delicate and must be stored correctly to prevent damage.

In order to prevent the film from degrading quickly, old film formats such as the 8mm must be stored away from anywhere they might be exposed to water, heat, and humidity. Such exposure can irreversibly ruin the film and your memories. When you convert 8mm film to digital, the files are much safer and much less susceptible to damage and harm.

  1. When you convert 8mm film to digital, it helps to save space.

Film reels aren’t massive as single entities, yet just a few will quickly take up more space than you might have available. They can also be heavy, depending on how much 8mm film you’re storing.

Converting all those precious home 8mm films to a high-quality digital format will protect them and instantly create a lot more room in your home, office, attic, or studio.

  1. Converted 8mm video makes unique gifts for family, friends, and loved ones.

Digitized films that haven’t been viewed for quite some time—if at all—make for excellent gifts for significant events such as birthdays, family reunions, weddings, and anniversaries.

With ARS Video’s 8mm film transfer services, you’ll be able to playback footage of loved ones on any special occasion that you see fit.

  1. Converted 8mm digital film is easy to access and to play on modern technology tools.

Once you convert 8mm to digital, your files reside in a small USB flash drive you can carry with you anywhere. The flash drive plugs into modern televisions and computers for easy viewing. You can also then upload your digital 8mm films to platforms such as YouTube and Google Drive, and then share the files on social media platforms like Facebook with relatives and friends literally all around the world. This simply is not possible with traditional 8mm films, at all!

Digital Conversion Services at ARS Video

Enhancing and Restoring Your Super 8 and 8mm Film MemoriesWhile it might seem simple, converting film to a digital file or DVD format is a very delicate and complex process. With only one hard copy of your footage in existence, it’s important that the process is performed correctly to avoid any film being irreversibly lost.

If you do not know exactly how to digitize that footage, you could ruin it in the process. Damaging your priceless memories is not something you want to have happen to your old video footage. Instead, rely on professionals who understand how to do this process correctly the first time.

At ARS Video, our team has a tremendous amount of experience when it comes to converting old video and film footage to a digital video format. Since 1987, we have been a family-owned and operated business, so we understand the importance of preserving your cherished memories.

Before you go with our professional services, you can either bring your old film reels to us or ship them directly to the store. If you decide to ship your film, you can download and fill out a packing slip from our website and be sure to get tracking on your package. Once we receive your items, we will tag each piece identifying it as yours then we will email or call you with an approximate cost.

Finally, our in-house technicians will work with professional equipment to transform your analog film into digital files that you will receive on a USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive. When we are done working on your order, we will let you know. You are certainly welcome to pick up your original material along with the High-Definition digital version in person, or we can take payment over the phone during checkout and ship the materials back to you.

At ARS Video, we understand that there is always something nostalgic and magical that comes with original film footage, which is why we use a process that keeps your original footage intact. After we convert your 8mm film to digital, we will keep a backup copy of the files in case you ever need another copy.

Please give us a call today to learn more about our 8mm film digitization process!