There’s something about popping an old VHS cassette into a VCR and being transported back to memories from years ago. VHS cassettes hold a lot of precious memories for families everywhere.

The bad news is – these VHS cassettes don’t last forever, nor does the playback technology. To preserve these memories and repeatedly experience the joy of nostalgia, you’ll want to protect your video footage for years to come. The best way to playback hours of footage in the highest quality possible is to convert them to a digital format. That’s where ARS Video can help.

VHS to digital conversion services allow you to convert your old VHS tapes to a digital format, such as MP4, AVI, or MOV. Digitization is a great way to preserve your old home movies captured on VHS tapes, as VHS technology is becoming increasingly obsolete and may not be playable on modern devices.


This will give you an ESTIMATE only. Your actual invoice will most likely be lower than this estimate pricing since we assume every tape or film reel to be full at normal length.

Why Convert Your VHS To a Digital Format?

Why You Should Convert Your VHS To Digital Formatting?

The top reasons why you should convert your VHS tapes to digital video include:

  • Preserve Your Memories:

First, you want to preserve your memories on those VHS cassettes. Whether this is family footage or recordings of special moments with friends, you want to ensure these memories will last. Unfortunately, VHS cassettes are not the most durable devices. Extreme heat, changes in humidity, and water exposure threaten the integrity of the film footage. By converting your video footage to a digital format, ARS Video keeps your memories safe.

  • Open Up More Space:

Whether you have a few dozen tapes sitting around your home or a few hundred, VHS tapes quickly take up more space than you have to spare. Converting video cassettes to a new format helps to clear shelf space, get tapes off the floor, and open up the room. Using our VHS to Digital Conversion Service, you can maximize your basement, office or any other storage area in the house and get the most out of your space.

  • Send A Creative Gift:

People like to mark several important milestones, including birthdays, graduations, or even an anniversary. Why not ensure you can look back on that precious memory fondly by going the extra mile? Go with something that comes from the heart. Get creative and gift your loved one a digital copy of that particular special moment so they can enjoy it on a loop for years to come.

These are just a few top reasons you should convert VHS cassettes to a digital format or DVD through our digitization service.

How The VHS To Digital Transfer Service Works

At ARS Video, we understand that your VHS videos are important to you, which is why we want to take good care of them. Many attempt this process at home with their own converter, but it’s easy to damage the footage in the process. Relying on professionals with the proper equipment, training, and experience is the only way to ensure the process is done right and that your new digital video files are protected.

Your home movies, old VHS tapes, and original media are important. Our video transfer service process is designed to protect your VHS cassettes and other originals, and we stay in touch with you throughout the whole process so that nothing is damaged or lost.

Here’s how our VHS to Digital Service works:

  • Contact ARS Video and let us know which VHS cassette tapes you’d like to convert.
  • ARS Video will send you a packing slip to fill out and place in the package of tapes you mail to us. Drop-offs in person at the store are also acceptable.
  • Experts at ARS Video will review and determine how much footage there is and will provide you with a free quote before beginning the conversion process.
  • Once you accept the service, we will start the digitization process and let you know once the process is complete. VHS cassettes can either be shipped to you or picked up once the service is complete. All original materials will be returned.

We treat all of our customers exactly as we would like to be treated, which is why we will provide you with a fair price and a free quote before starting the conversion process. At ARS Video, we treat your precious memories as if they were our own!

In addition to VHS conversion, we also offer video conversions for Mini-DV and Hi-8 Video formats.

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