The ARS Video Digitization Guarantee

If a customer is not satisfied with our finished digital conversion services or film restoration services, we will do everything in our power to make you happy. We care about YOU as our customer, and we care about our stellar reputation as a business.

We set high standards for ourselves but occasionally miss a detail.


*We keep a copy of your finished media files at our facility, so we can quickly see what the issue might be when you contact us. We will rerun an order if needed as a rush order with no additional cost.

*We tag each item with a unique ID to track them through the conversion process, and return them often in better condition than when we received them.

*We clean and repair items as needed. Splicing film and tapes is always included in the price. If there is excessive damage to your media, we will provide an estimate for approval before we begin.

We treat each item as if it is our own because we know they are irreplaceable to you!

You have our word on this as the professionals of ARS Video!

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