construction site drone video services

Choosing the right way to set up a construction site is up to you, but saving time and money is very important.

Here is where drone footage of pre-construction sites can open many valuable doors.

Get a professional video surveying service like ARS Video to manage your construction site drone footage.

Here are some ways that drone footage cane used in pre-construction can better support your end goals as a construction company manager or owner.

Gain a Better Perspective

When mapping out the foot and vehicle traffic for a construction site, the easiest way to do this is from above.

Yet gaining the eye of a bird was never as easy as it is today thanks to drones. The primary function of a drone is to obtain video footage from a bird’s eye view.

This aids in construction site surveying and ensures crews obtain the right information for the overall perspective of layout.

Save money and time, while ensuring workplace safety, by identifying hazardous zones including potholes and pits using drone footage of pre-construction sites.

Perform Building Inspections

One of the most critical aspects of purchasing property or doing renovations and rebuilds is the building inspection process.

Today, the safety and economy of performing building inspections is much-improved thanks to drone technology.

This includes roof and bridge inspections as well, particularly in places where hazards, including waste, rot, mold, and pests, pose a threat.

Using a drone for aerial surveillance also frees up inspectors from having to spend human hours physically touring a facility.

Increases Safe Access

This brings up the next issue for construction zone workers—navigating difficult areas.

Construction crews called in to handle natural disaster cleanups and rebuilding cannot often walk or drive into these locations.

Using drones to identify the safe zones to set up worksites is not only convenient but speeds up these processes to hopefully save lives.

Drone use in pre-construction in areas that are difficult to access and evaluate is key to why construction companies should invest in this technology.

Choose a Professional Drone Pilot

Did you know that drones must be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to be able to conduct drone surveillance?

You should also have a licensed pilot on staff to manage drone footage to ensure FAA guidelines are met at all times.

While this is not a requirement for drone use, a licensed pilot handling drones for your construction crew will protect you from any harm or FAA noncompliance with federal air safety guidelines.

When you choose a professional service like ARS Video, all footage is recorded in a variety of the top formats including HD, 2K, and even 4K.

Instead of investing in highly technical drone surveying, allow our experts at ARS Video to do it for you.