Do you have video tapes, CDs or DVDs that do not play? Do not throw them out! We have a disc buffer and software that may save them. We have retrieved priceless video, audio, photos, documents, and backup files.

Over time, scratches, smudges, mold, and other damages can degrade your tapes and discs to a point where they become unreadable.

We have the technology and software to recover your lost data from tapes and discs you thought long lost. You will only pay if we are successful in our recovery efforts. We will burn a new disc for you or even better transfer everything to a flash drive that you can use on your computer and TV (discs are going away).

Video tapes that have been stored in high humidity areas tend to get moldy. Most services will not transfer moldy tapes because of the damage they can cause to their equipment. For a small surcharge per tape, we can capture those memories that you thought long lost because of the condition of your VHS tapes. We will capture them in High Def and return them to you on a flash drive you can use on your computer and TV.

We can also splice your video and audio tapes and repair the case if necessary.