We’ve transferred over 250,000 hours of video tape – that’s over 29 years’ worth of memories!

As a family-owned business, ARS Video has been providing video transfer services for a long time—longer than most of our competitors. We have 3 generations working together to transfer VHS tapes to digital formats, among other digital conversion services!

Send us your most precious memories right now, and we’ll make a high-definition digital copy that will last for generations.

$17.25-$23/hour of recorded family video

cds-and-vhs (1) The price includes a flash drive with upscaled High Definition (1920 x 1080P) MP4 files that will play on your PC and TV (every TV now has a USB port).

• Tape timing and an estimate are provided for your approval before processing begins.

• For tapes of at least 30 minutes, pay only for the actual hours of tape you have to transfer—no paying for blank tapes and we don’t include TV programs.

• All your transferred files are backed up on site for future copies.

• Even though they’re on their way out, DVD copies are still available for those who’d like a hard copy.

VHS stands for Video Home System which uses VHS Tapes that have been around since the early 1980s. The VHS Tapes are used in a VCR which stands for Video Cassette Recorder. The VCR records and plays back VHS and VHS-C tapes. Other videotape formats from the 1980s and 1990s are VHS-C, Reg 8, and Hi-8. Many tapes have family recordings in danger of being lost due to the wear and tear of time.

Pricing Examples:

  • 1 hour video to High-Def video file includes a 16 GB USB Flash Drive = $23
  • 10 hours of video to High-Def video files includes a 128 GB Flash Drive = $23 x 10 = $230 less 10% quantity discount = $207
  • 25 hours of video to High-Def video files including 1 TB external hard drive = $23 x 25 = $575 less 25% quantity discount = $431.25

Price Comparison

5 VHS-C tapes totaling 30 minutes each = $57.50
(Flash Drive included)

5 VHS-C tapes at $20 each = $100
(Flash Drive not included)

What You Don't Pay For...

We DO NOT CHARGE for blank tape formats or recorded TV shows.

Quantity Discounts

10-24 hours get a 10% discount, 25+ hours get a 25% discount.

How Many Hours Of Memories Do I Have?

Videotapes are not typically full of footage, that is why we time out your tapes before providing an estimate for your approval. Full tapes hold the following:

 vhs VHS/Super VHS The normal length of the tape is 2 hours, but it may contain up to 6 hours.
 vhsc VHS-C The normal length of the tape is 30 minutes, but it may contain up to 90 minutes.
 hi8 Hi-8/Digital 8/Regular 8mm tape The normal length of the tape is 2 hours, but it may contain up to 4 hours.
 betamax BetaMax The normal length of the tape is 2 hours, but it may contain up to 6 hours.
 minidv Mini DV The normal length of the tape is 60 minutes, but it may contain up to 90 minutes.
 mini-dvd Mini DVD The normal length of the disc is 30 minutes, but it may contain up to 60 minutes.
 icon-digital Digital Media The length of the material will vary. Our estimate is based on 2 hours. The actual length of your recorded footage will be determined after a review of your digital files.

Digital Transfer Services for Consumer Formats: VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Reg-8, Hi-8, D-8, Micro MV, MiniDV, Mini DVD

Digital Transfer Services for Professional Formats: DVCPRO, DVCAM, HDV, Umatic, and Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, MPEG IMS, Digital Betacam

For generations, camera owners have recorded their most valuable memories to relive later or share with those they love. People have loved being able to record the most important and memorable parts of their lives, from birth to graduation, through photography and videos.

There are many places to store these memories in photograph format, such as on the computer, on a thumb drive, or in the cloud, by simply scanning, uploading, and storing them. When it comes to video formats captured on VHS however, digitization of old videos becomes more difficult.

Digital Transfer Services
Converting VHS to Digital

The analog format was never meant to last, and it has certainly degraded over time. You will want to salvage these home videos when possible, and we offer video tape transfer services to take the bulky VHS tapes out of your valuable storage space and return them to you in an easily stored digital format. Your broken tapes can be repaired, mold can be removed, and sticky shed tapes can be baked. Conversion from PAL is available in most formats.

Our primary goal is to keep your videos save and convert them to a modern format. Everything is returned to you.

How We Transfer VHS To Digital

Various Camcorder formatsWe are a national company and receive shipments daily. Please have tracking on your package (we have never had a problem with tracking) and include your contact info so we can contact you when it arrives, a Packing Slip is provided here for your convenience. Please feel free to drop them off if you are in Northeast, Ohio.

Your price is based on how much you have recorded on your tapes with a 30-minute minimum per tape. We will time out each tape and provide you with an accurate estimate with a quantity discount for your approval before we begin. We do not charge for blank tapes, and we do not digitize copyrighted material such as TV shows. We can splice, repair damaged tapes and clean moldy tapes.

Each VHS, VHS-C, Reg8, and Hi-8 video tape is digitized to a high-definition (1920x1080P 29.97) MP4 file. Professional formats are digitized to 1920x1080P 59.94 MOV files for editing. Each file is named according to the label on the tape. DVDs and Blu-Ray discs can also be made.

flash drive When the USB Flash Drive is put into a TV (USB ports are standard on all TVs) or a computer you will see a list of all the videotapes and can navigate to what you want to watch. The files can be copied and uploaded to share with family and friends.

We back up everything on-site in case you need another copy in the future! An invoice is emailed to you and, once paid, the original tapes and the digital copy are returned.

All that is left is to sit down with family and friends, take a trip down memory lane, and enjoy the path you’ve taken to get where you are today!

Our Video Transfer Service Helps You Digitize

Many people today look to digitize VHS tapes, but this process cannot be done to high definition at home. Home digitization requires a range of products, from a functioning VHS player to cords that will connect it to your computer and specialty programs formulated for the conversion process.

The entire process will take not only the length of the entire video to play and record, but you will also need to spend the time to edit the video file to trim any excess dead time in the video. You will then need to export the film into an appropriate video file so that you can store it on your hard drive, flash drive, external drive, or in any cloud-based service.

Digital Transfer Services
Preserve Your Memories:

Rather than spend the time and money to go through this entire digitization process, our team is prepared to help you transfer your memories to digital video so that you can trust that the conversion will be done at a professional level. This also means you can trust that the visual imperfections in the VHS–such as tracking issues or wobbly pictures–will be adjusted so that you are left with a final product that matches the memories you hold dear.

With ARS Video’s video transfer service, your order will be returned to you on a USB Flash Drive or DVD (one is included in the price) so that you can safely share it for years to come. The best gift you can give is the gift of memories!