When you have childhood memories on VHS or camcorder tapes that you have no VCR tape player for, it is time to hire a video tape digitizing and upscaling service. Upscaling is a wise option, especially when it comes to the high definition (HD 1920 x 1080P) systems that we use today to watch home movies.

Find out more about how much you stand to gain when you start utilizing a professional video tape upscaling service. Along with giving you a chance to watch your childhood memories in living color, we also solve your memory preservation problems.

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About Video Tape Upscaling Services

If you are trying to watch your VHS tapes and are seeing too many fuzzy lines (tracking), this is one area for a professional upscaling service provider.

If your tape is broken or exhibiting strange smells, you also want to contact a pro for video tape repair and upscaling.

Other issues that we can solve include video tape that is not playing at all. In fact, most of the video tape problems you will face can easily be remedied with ARS Video and our technician services.

At ARS Video, we can transfer all of your tapes to a high-definition (1920 x 1080 29.97P or 59.94P by request) digital format.

This includes VHS, VHS-C, Regular 8MM, Hi-8, D8, MicroMV and Betamax, as well as MiniDV, DVCAM, HDV, Betacam SP, Umatic 3/4″, DVC Pro, Betacam SX, MPEG IMS, and Digi Beta transfers.

Specialized Services for Mold and Sticky Shed Syndrome

We can take your videotapes even if they have mold on them and convert home movies to digital files in High Definition for use on your TV, PC and Cloud.

Our services also include resolving sticky shed syndrome.

This strangely named condition for video tapes is the result of old school binders like polyester-urethane (PEU) absorbing moisture from the atmosphere.

These binders form a stickiness that affects the audio and video when playing the tape.

When you play the VHS, the tape may bind up or leave behind a residue inside the tape player.

As a result, both the video tape player and the VHS tape can be damaged if you don’t treat sticky shed syndrome.

To assist you, our technician reviews all tapes personally to ensure the highest attention to detail in video tape upscaling.

In most cases the data can be transferred to a high-definition file or disc upon request.

Why Choose ARS Video for Video Upscaling

Here at ARS, we handle everything as a local, family-operated business. Established in 1987 by Art and Gloria and the film transfer machine they purchased from New York and nicknamed Big Mac.

Our company has remained within the family as the couple’s son, Gary took over the company in 1997 and his son Paul is now taking over. Superior customer service remains the top priority and customers will always speak to a person when they call. We answer our phones!

When you have a special need or a request, you simply call in and speak to our in-house service technician. We are here to explain everything to you, so you are clear about the repairs and tape services you are about to receive.

This helps to relieve stress associated with the personal value related to memories on most video tapes. We are ready to customize our services to best honor your needs.

If you are searching for the best gift idea for your family, especially if you have grandchildren, this is it. You can finally see, in high definition, all your family memories that have almost been forgotten.  Memories also makes the best Mother’s Day gift and best Father’s Day gift!

See in fine detail and premium color quality each of your home video tapes from when you were in your prime.

ARS Video is a family-owned video and audio tape digitization and repair service in Tallmadge, OH. Our company converts recordings into updated, digitized formats to improve preservation, sharing, and storage.

We work with 8mm, Super8, 16mm, and 35mm film formats, all camcorder formats as well as photos, negatives and slides.  Professionals, please ask about our archival services.

Contact ARS Video or call 844-353-2255 to speak with someone about your video tape upscaling service request.