Our Process for Film, Video, Audio and Photo Digitization

At ARS Video, we are proud to provide digital conversion services to anyone who needs them. Our film restoration process can help you protect old-school film by converting it to a digital format that will last for years to come. We work with film, videos, audio recordings, and even slides and photos, making sure that your footage is preserved for posterity.

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to improve every digital service we offer to make sure we provide you with both a new copy of your digitized memories and the original copy once the process is complete. At ARS Video, preserving your cherished memories in digital form is not just a service—it’s a commitment to quality and care, ensuring your past is captured for the future.

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Film Conversion Services from ARS Video

With time, analog media like film begins to fade, and the speed with which it fades depends on how it’s being stored. Water and humidity can expedite the degradation process, which is why choosing a digital conversion service to preserve your film is crucial.

The conversion process isn’t overly complicated, but it does require the proper equipment and skillset to do correctly. That’s why relying on professionals who can get you the best transfer possible is paramount. At ARS Video, we have a frame-by-frame scanning system that we use for 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm film. When we convert your film for you, we even include a flash drive that will play on your computer or TV so you can free up some storage space in your home and take your film with you on the go. We also offer film restoration and archival services for museums and historical societies.

To access our team’s professional services, simply bring your materials in or ship them to us. If you prefer to mail them, you can download a packing slip from our site to keep track of the location of your footage. Once the process is over, you can either pick up your film or we can ship it back to you.


Video Conversion Services from ARS Video

In addition to film conversion, we also offer professional video conversion services for VHS-C, Hi-8 tapes, Mini-DVs, and VHS tapes. Unfortunately, the average lifespan of a videotape is 15 to 25 years, which means they are in danger of being lost forever after a certain point. We offer video restoration services including mold remediation if it is necessary.

During the video transfer process, we use a wide range of professional equipment to play the videotape and digitize it to a High Definition digital format. The resulting transfer will look exactly like the original but in High Definition.

Once done, so that it can be stored on your hard drive, flash drive, or external drive. We invest in the best equipment in the industry to make sure we provide you with high-quality results.

Audio Conversion Services from ARS Video

If you have audio recordings that you would like to convert, look no further than ARS Video! Whether you have family memories that you want to preserve or a classic band that you want to digitize, we can help you. While you might be considering DIY-ing the audio transfer process, the equipment is expensive and, if done incorrectly, could damage the recordings in the process.

Whether you have reel-to-reel, audio cassette tapes or vinyl, we can use our equipment and skills to help you. Our professionals will work with you personally, making sure that your original audio recording is preserved. Like our film and video transfer service, we will provide you with a digital copy as well as the original copy when we are finished and keep a backup onsite.

Photo and Slide Digitization Services from ARS Video

At ARS Video, we’re not just about preserving old film footage; we’ve expanded our expertise to include state-of-the-art Photo Digitization Services, ensuring your precious photos and photographic slides are converted into digital formats with the utmost care and quality. Our services cater to a variety of photo sizes and types, including:

  • Photos up to 14 inches
  • All sizes of negatives including the Kodak Disc
  • Slides:
    • 35mm
    • 110mm
    • 126m
    • 127mm

Slides and negatives, all scanned at up to 1200 dpi and saved in JPG format onto a Flash Drive, with one free drive per order. For archival work, we will provide the format and quality required.

This meticulous photo-scanning process not only saves your memories from fading but also brings back their original color and brightness, thanks to our latest technology and techniques. With competitive pricing and quantity discounts, we make it easy and affordable to digitize your larger collections, ensuring your memories are preserved in the highest quality for you to share and enjoy.

Our professionals, equipped with the best technology, guarantee a superior digitization service, saving you from the time-consuming and often inconsistent results of DIY methods. Once digitized, we offer various HD delivery options, including flash drives or even DVDs, tailored to your preferences.

Contact ARS Video Today for Premier Digital Conversion Services

These are just a few of the many examples of the services that ARS Video offers. We understand that these memories are important to you, which is why we take good care of them during the conversion process. Our professionals have experience working with a wide variety of media files, so we have the experience necessary to help you.

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us today. It would be our honor to help you take care of your memories and preserve them for years to come!

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