The founding of ARS Video occurred in 1987 when Gloria and her husband Art bought a film transfer machine from New York and started transferring people’s precious memories as a part-time business. Knowing the value of preserving memories, they made a commitment to producing high-quality products and maintaining a superior level of customer service from the start. Over the following ten years, that dedication took ARS Video from “nighttime” work with one machine to a full-time business with several employees and an ever-expanding line of machines and equipment.

Gary, the second generation of the family, joined the business. The son of Art and Gloria (shown in the picture with Gary’s six grandchildren) acquired the company in the late 1990s. With Gary’s impressive knowledge of computers and an understanding of the changing technological environment for media, he brought ARS from analog to digital. He transformed ARS Video into a technological environment that offered faster services with improved quality at a reasonable price.

In 2020, significant investments in equipment and software were made to upgrade our digitization systems. With a new film scanner in the inventory, ARS Video, Inc. increased its capabilities to capture 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm & 35mm film in High Def (1920 x 1080.) It is the same system the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives uses. We can also scale up video tape transfers from Standard Def to High Def. We provide the final product on a DVD or flash drive, which will play on your PC or TV.

Through it all, superior customer service has remained the hallmark of our business, enabling us to grow and prosper. The high level of repeat and referral business we enjoy is a testament to our clients’ satisfaction.

As a family business, we at ARS Video know the value of memories – past, present & future.

FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS, our commitment is to preserve your memories for generations to come…. because your story never ends!

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