Send Us Your Photos/Slides & Let Us Create A Digital Album For You

ARS Video will scan your slides/photos (up to 8” x 10” in size) in .JPG format up to 1200 dpi and save them onto a Flash Drive. 1 FREE flash drive per order. Besides old and even “vintage” printed photographs, we handle various types of film photographic slides and negatives, including 35mm, 110mm, 126m, and 127mm photo slides and negatives.


Photos must be loose and scanner ready.  If you want them in a certain order, number them accordingly on the back in PENCIL only (ink may rub off on other photos.)

Slides may be in boxes or carousels.  To save shipping cost, take them out of the carousel, rubber band them in groups and number the groups if you want them in a certain order.

Quantity Discounts

250 or more @$0.79 each 500 or more @$0.69 each

photo duplication and retouching

We’ll bring back color and brightness to your photos

Photo Digitization Services

Our digital transfer service uses the latest technology and state-of-the-art techniques to digitize your photos or slides. This service is quick, and easy to use, and we will provide you with high quality finished products for updated usage and storage.

Why Digitization Services Makes Sense

While you could digitize your photos or slides yourself via your smartphone or scanner, the results may not be consistent, and it would be time-consuming. When you hire a digital service to accomplish this task, you are saving on the cost of equipment you might use only once. You are also relying upon the expertise and background of trained professionals who will digitize the photos and slides in the most high-quality and expedient methods possible.

If you are looking to transfer your photos or slides to digital format, our digital service options give you the most bang for your buck. You will be able to access the digital versions of your memories, allowing you to share and tap quickly and reliably into memories and events from years prior. With the special considerations necessary for older photographs, the time-consuming headache of manually scanning or taking photos, and the quality drawbacks of your own equipment, it is much easier to work with a digital service that’s already set up to deliver the quality digitization of slides or photos that you need.

Contact A.R.S. to Find Out More About the Service Guarantee

The process is quick-and-easy. You can bring your photos and slides to A.R.S. Video, or pack them up and send them in. We are here to walk you through the entire process. When we receive your photos or slides, we first review the details of the order, and then we will speak with you to determine what you need and the estimate for your digitization requirements.

We quickly complete your order and then let you know when it is ready. We also return the original photos to you in the same condition you delivered them to us. We offer several options for High-Definition (HD) delivery, via flash drive or DVD, depending on your original source material, as well as your needs and digitization preferences. We do not charge for any materials that we are not able to process or digitize. Call today to learn more about A.R.S. Video Inc.’s digitation process and see for yourself why this is the best possible way to preserve your memories