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shopping cart with boxesAt ARS Video, we’ll take your older film and other media and convert your footage into a digital format, protecting it for you and the next generation as well as making it more accessible to enjoy using today’s technology.

Individuals who live in our region can hand-deliver their media to us. Our address and hours of operation can be found in the footer on all our website pages.

For the majority of our customers who live outside of northeast Ohio, you can safely ship your VHS tapes and other media to us. We’ll mail your source materials back to you, as well as the new USB flashdrive(s) and DVD(s)s, once the digitization process has been completed.

packing slip

* We recommend to all of our customers that you use Tracking when you ship your package to us – we’ve never lost a single package that was tracked when it was shipped to ARS Video!

* Get started with the shipping process by downloading our packing slip to include with your order. Please complete all the fields in the form, and make sure to include your phone number in case we have any questions to ask when we receive your package. We also need your phone number so that we can notify you as soon as we receive your valuable media files – be they albums, CDs, photographs or various film formats like VHS and beyond!

* Keep in mind that you are shipping to us via a shipping service like the US Postal Service, Fed Ex, UPS or others. You want to pack your files in a strong cardboard box. Using bubble wrap or “popcorn” is recommended for extra protection.

We understand that you may also have questions about the pricing for our services. Our goal is to be open, honest, and transparent with you every step of the way. You can learn about our pricing on this page.

Payment is due when we complete your work. At that time, we will email you an invoice that can be paid online with a credit/debit card. We also accept bank transfers. Once your payment is received, the order is shipped-out via Priority Mail or UPS with tracking. Soon you’ll be viewing and reliving magical memories – you might want to throw a viewing party!

What To Expect

When you decide to go with our services, there are several expectations you should have. These include:

  • You can expect to talk to a person when you call us.
  • You can expect us to convert your older film, whether on Regular 8 or Super 8, VHS or Hi-8 video tapes, or other media, using our high-quality media transfer and conversion process. That way, you know that your valuable footage and memories are going to be protected.
  • In addition, you should also expect us to take excellent care of the physical media that you send to us. And yes, it will be returned to you.
  • Next, one of the most important expectations that you should have is that we are going to keep you updated every step of the way. We will do everything we can to meet our deadlines, and we will let you know if there are any delays during the process.
  • Finally, you should also expect us to be transparent regarding the pricing of our media conversion services. We will let you know exactly how much the service is going to cost before we get started, and always get your approval before we begin. If you have video tapes that you cannot play and thus estimate, we will time them out and call you with an estimate. This is a service we provide for all of our customers that you won’t find anywhere else!

Ultimately, we are professionals when it comes to film and video conversion. We are here to take good care of your priceless family memories, and we will provide you with a high-quality product when we are done.


During the Process

Convert Home Movies to Digital with ARS Video
flash drive

Once the process gets underway, you will probably be very curious about the quality of the final product. We are going to keep you updated as the process unfolds. A few important points to keep in mind include:

  • Here is our Packing Slip once again that asks for your name, address, phone, email, box content, and special instructions. Please use our packing slip and be sure there is TRACKING on the box that is shipped!
  • We will call you as soon as it is received and place stickers on the items to identify them as yours.
  • Next, we will review everything and provide an accurate estimate for your approval.
  • Once the work is complete, we will call you for payment. Most customers choose to pay by credit card over the phone.
  • What you will receive is your original material and a flash drive with true high-definition 1920×1080 digital files that can be played on your TV and computer. You can choose the DVD format instead of the flash drive if you desire. The files can also be copied, edited, and uploaded to your cloud service or YouTube.

ARS Archives

ARS Video considers your media materials to be extremely valuable – since 2009 we have been archiving all the 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film we digitize. Beginning in 202 1, we have been archiving all the video tapes sent to us as well. If you need additional copies of your media or cannot find your files, please call us. Most likely we will have them stored for you! Click here for pricing information from A.R.S Video.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

A few of the most common questions that people have include:

How long is it going to take you to complete my transfer?

It depends on how many orders we have and how large your order is. We will give you a timeframe before we get started. Our busiest time of the year is December as these transfers make an excellent gift for the family.

Can I get a quote before we get started? 

Yes, we will let you know exactly how much this is going to cost before we get started.

Do you offer color correction services? 

We do color correct film, slides and photos as needed. VHS and other video tape formats do not typically need to be color corrected. The file format you receive is MP4 which works with all editing software. We can provide editing service as needed or you can ask your grandchildren to edit the files for you (yes, I have grandchildren).

I couldn’t be happier with this company. I sent 28 8mm reels with limited information written on the outside of each box. They not only added my titles (a little bit extra) – but customized the music based on the subject matter.  I was able to get DVDs and flash drives for the whole family. No more movies under the stairs – now we can enjoy watching them anytime we want. If you want personalized service when converting your movies / VHS – this is your company!

Cherie Boxberger

I could not believe what an outstanding job ARS Video did on my home videos. Many of them were 8mm with no sound. The music and sound effects that were added was wonderful. I cannot thank you enough!

Cindy Buck

Amazing service.  A.R.S. knows what customer service is about. They did great work, communicated clearly, and made me want to return.

Dayle Annand

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