If you have analog footage, you need to convert this into a digital format so that it will last for years to come. Even though you might be thinking about doing this at home, it is more important for you to rely on a professional service that can assist you. There is a lot of equipment that you need to have if you want to convert your analog memories into a digital format.

Furthermore, you do not want to ruin the video footage in the process. At ARS Video, we can help you convert a wide range of analog videos into a digital format. Then, we will also provide you with the original copy back. That way, you can protect it at home. Take a look at some of the examples of video footage we can convert for you.

VHS Tapes

If you have old VHS tapes at home, you may be looking to convert them to a digital format. They were popular for close to 20 years, and they are still popular in many homes to this day. You might have old VHS cassettes of some of your favorite movies. You may even have VHS cassettes that you recorded on your own. These are important family memories that you need to protect.

We have experience working with a wide variety of VHS cassettes including Betamax, VHS-C, DVC Pro, DV Cam, and others. Our professionals will make sure that you are VHS cassettes are protected during the conversion process. Then, you will have a film that will stand the test of time.

Audio Recordings

You might also have audio recordings at home that you want to protect. If that is the case, you should consider converting these into a digital format as well. These are cherished memories at family functions, family gatherings, and major milestones.

Furthermore, you may even like hearing the voice of a loved one who has departed. Even though old audio recordings might still work, they can deteriorate with time. If you want to protect this recording, you need to transfer it to a digital format that will preserve the audio quality in a digital format.

You can also use this to protect old recordings that you might have used to record all of your favorite bands and live concerts. Count on the professionals at ARS Video to help you protect your audio recordings.


Finally, there is nothing quite like using film to relive amazing moments at family gatherings and major parties. Before the 1980s, a lot of people used 8 mm and 16 mm film to capture some of their favorite moments. The recorders were relatively easy to use, which is why so many people have that. At the same time, this film footage can degrade with time. You do not want to ruin the quality of the footage you recorded.

Therefore, you should consider transforming it into a digital format. This is another area where we can help you. We can take your analog film and convert it to a digital format that will last for years to come. Count on our 8mm film to digital conversion service to help you.

What We Do Not Convert

Even though we are proud to work with a wide variety of video and audio recordings, there are some materials that we do not convert. For example, we will not work with any material that has been copyrighted. We do not want to get into any legal trouble, and we do not want to place you in legal jeopardy either.

Additionally, we do not work with anything that concerns adult content. If you have questions about either of these restrictions, or how to tell if a recording is copywritten, we would be happy to answer them for you.

Contact ARS Video for Premier Video Conversion Services

If you are looking for a way to preserve your video or audio footage, then you should consider converting it to a digital format with the help of professionals. At ARS Video, we offer a professional film conversion and film transfer service that can help you transfer video to high-quality video file for easy use, storing, and sharing.

All original materials are returned, with the converted video provided to you on a flash drive, or on DVD when requested. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you preserve your memories.