When it comes to the pre-construction phase of a work project covering acres of land, it pays to have a camera that can capture the site fully.

This is where drone footage becomes a huge asset with a great payout.

You are able to hone in on exactly the areas where you want to capture aerial footage using the video camera on the drone.

Plus, when you hire a team like ARS Video in the Midwest to do your pre construction phase drone footage shots, you are going to improve the results.


What is the Pre-Construction Phase?

Pre construction phase is the time before a construction project begins. This is when any planning and research goes into the project.

Everything that can be managed with video and photo evidence will greatly speed up this process.

Construction crews are able to digitize information about construction sites, which allows team members to see elements and areas of the site in real time. 

“During the pre-construction phase, a strategic plan must be created, a budget and timeline must be agreed upon, a design for the project is begun and finalized, permitting is acquired, and procurement of both labor and resources occurs,” according to Gilliland Construction Management.

This is highly beneficial for any early phase construction project and is part of the commercial inspection process. Having drone footage available to carry out the pre-construction phase increases accuracy and results. Drone footage in high definition (HD) will provide the visual evidence necessary for making better decisions about construction projects.

Why Choose Pre-Construction Drone Footage

The reason why our customers come to ARS Video for pre-construction drone footage is to take some of the workload off of their crew.

With pre construction phase video footage captured from a drone, everyone on the project has the information they need to better visualize the scope and location of each aspect.

This can improve workplace safety and the foot and car traffic patterns on a construction site.

However, there are many reasons why you need pre-construction video services.

Do I Need Pre-Construction Video Services

When considering what you need to optimize your work zone for a construction project, video services might be on the table.

If you are considering the use of pre-construction video services, these include professional drone footage captured by an HD video camera.

The footage is then digitized into the proper format for your perusal.

Some of the reasons why our customers choose pre-construction video services:

  • Provides a video survey that can be used in a court case for forensic video analysis  
  • Establishes haul routes for a logging crew
  • Identifies the location of an emergency utility line replacement
  • Services a contractor searching for a sewer line
  • Finding a water source on a rugged backwoods property
  • Establish a land survey for a new home build
  • Set out the boundaries on a major scale construction zone

The use of pre-construction video services ensures your team has all of the data necessary to make smarter calls.

For example, if you are unable to track down equipment, call ARS Video and have them conduct a survey using drone footage.

This will allow you to identify your equipment and/or inventory or other assets for use and more timely maintenance services.

Choosing ARS Video for Pre-Construction Phase Footage

The ideal solution when managing your pre-construction phase footage is to contact the pros.

Here at ARS Video, we have the high-grade technology you want to take advantage of for your drone footage.

We understand how to operate a drone video camera and are fully stocked with video capture capabilities. 

Let our team help you by conducting pre-construction phase drone footage for your construction site.

Whether you are a residential homeowner building your first house, or a commercial contractor who needs regular drone video services, we’ve got the capacity to serve your needs.

Contact ARS Video today and get a quote on your services.