Do you have stacks of old 16mm film reels collecting dust somewhere? You’re not alone. Whether it’s a home movie or a more professional project from the past, your film is filled with nostalgia and history–and it shouldn’t be left to deteriorate. That’s why we at ARS Video offer services to digitize 16mm film, among other formats like 8mm film, Super 8 film, and 35mm film. Follow along as we delve into why you should consider film digitization and what the process entails.

Why Digitize 16mm Film?

There are a few reasons why film digitization for your old film is a good idea:

Longevity: Make Sure Your Precious Memories Last
Old film reels are vulnerable to many environmental factors such as humidity, temperature fluctuations, and even physical wear and tear and filmic decay. By opting for a 16mm film conversion to a digital format, you ensure the longevity of these precious memories.

A Unique Gift: From Film Reel to Flash Drive
Your old film reel may capture moments that are priceless for you and your loved ones. Why not transfer that footage to a flash drive and create a unique, heart-warming gift?

Declutter Your Space: Out with the Reel, In with the Digital File
16mm film reels can take up a significant amount of physical space. By converting these into a digital file, you’re essentially converting a room full of reels into something that fits on a thumb drive. Talk about efficiency!

Easy Viewing Access

Reel-based film projectors are rapidly becoming antiques – even cinemas use digital projectors today instead of reel-to-reel systems. If you have an old reel projector system, you know how long it takes to set-up, as well as the space needed for the projector screen, etc. With today’s very easy and convenient flash drive-based media files, you simply plug the USB drive into your computer or TV screen and viola! – you and your family or guests are watching your recorded memories on the big flat screen or your portable laptop.

Film digitization just makes sense.

Our Step-By-Step Digitization Process

The idea to digitize 16mm film at home may cross your mind, but the required equipment and expertise are often barriers. Here at ARS Video, we handle not just film transfers but also photo & slide digitization and color enhancement to give you the best possible digital videos and photos.

  1. Initial Consultation: We discuss your needs and provide a free estimate. If you have 8mm film, Super 8 film, or even 35mm film, in addition to 16mm film, those can be included too.
  2. Delivery to Us: Drop off your film reels at our store or mail them to us securely using a packing slip from our website.
  3. Film Transfers and More: We perform the 16mm film digitization with options for color correction and sound restoration. Yes, our advanced technology enables us to transfer the original sound as well.
  4. Return of Assets: Once the digital transfer is complete, we can return the digital files to you on a USB flash drive. If you prefer a different digital format, such as a specific video file, or on a DVD, that’s possible too.

Additional Services: More Than Just Film Digitization
Our services aren’t limited to film conversion. We also offer photo digitization services and can handle other formats like audio tape to ensure all your memories, not just your home movie reels, are safely preserved.

Choosing ARS Video to Digitize 16mm Film

At ARS Video, we offer high-quality digital transfers, ensuring your footage is as clear as your memories. Whether it’s a 16mm film reel, an 8mm home movie, or even an audio tape, we can convert it.

As a family-run film digitization/conversion service, we understand the sentimental value of your home movie film and treat it with the utmost care. Your digitized film will be returned to you in an easily accessible digital format, such as a USB drive, which you can easily plug and play to relive those precious memories for generations to come!

So, why let your old film reel gather dust when you can give it a new life in a digital format? Contact us at ARS Video to start the journey of preserving your past today!