Construction video services, including PRECON (Pre-Construction Video Services), have emerged as innovative and invaluable tools in the construction industry. With advancements in technology, the use of drones for capturing high-resolution videos and photographs is increasingly popular. These services are revolutionizing the way construction projects are documented, marketed, managed, and safeguarded.

Pre-Construction Video Services

PRECON services refer to the mobilization phase of a construction project, encompassing activities such as moving equipment, procuring material, inspections, site layouts, and documentation. Many cities and construction companies require third-party documentation for their proposed job sites.

PRECON services can include:

PRECON VIDEO: Filming a site before breaking ground.
PRECON PHOTO: Photographing a site from various critical spots to serve as reference points.
PRECON AERIAL: Using drones to film or photograph a site before breaking ground.

ARS Video offers high-definition video and photo surveying, conducted by a team of experienced videographers, photographers, and a safety technician. Each project is tailored to its location and requirements, and the team works closely with your project manager to deliver seamless services.

Key Benefits of Construction Video Services

Here are some of the key benefits of using video services at your construction site:

  1. Visual Record: High-definition cameras capture every stage of construction, providing an accurate and visual record of the project.
  2. Marketing Opportunities: Engaging video content can be utilized for online marketing, social media, and promotional materials for the building project.
  3. Enhancing Safety: Drones can detect potential hazards and assist project managers in ensuring personnel safety.
  4. Monitoring and Transparency: Regular video updates keep clients informed and strengthen their trust and confidence.
  5. Post-Construction Documentation: High-resolution content serves as a reference for future inspections or renovations.
  6. Creative and Artistic Representation: Unique aerial views add an artistic element to the portrayal of construction projects.
  7. Demolition Processes: Video footage aids in assessing damage and planning subsequent steps.
  8. Adaptation to Environmental Challenges: Specialized cameras ensure detailed content capture, regardless of weather or the difficulty of the location.
  9. Litigation Support Services: PRECON Video and Photo offer vital support for evidence, resolving many issues on the spot while saving costs.

Drone Footage of Preconstruction Sites

Choosing the right way to set up a construction site is a critical decision, and today’s technology offers innovative solutions. Utilizing drone footage of pre-construction sites can not only provide a bird’s eye view for mapping out foot and vehicle traffic, but also helps in identifying hazardous zones – thus ensuring workplace safety while saving time and money.

Construction Video Services from ARS Video

Construction video services, including PRECON, have fundamentally changed the construction industry. From providing a visual record to enhancing marketing, improving safety, offering creative content, and ensuring legal support, they are crucial to modern construction endeavors.

What You Can Expect from ARS Video, Inc.

– Notification to the resident before documentation
– Trained professionals to document from different angles
– Proper safety gear, ID badges, and professional equipment
– Original, unaltered footage with proper chain of custody
– Organized content, Certificate of Insurance (COI), W9, and BWC

ARS Video, Inc., with 36 years of business experience, provides service within Ohio and surrounding states and can travel nationally. Expect accurate, timely, and customer-driven service. Contact ARS Video, Inc. for all your pre-construction video and photo needs.