Dear Legacybox,


Over the years we have received a number of Legacybox orders that were returned to customers uncompleted by Legacybox. Some orders indicated that they were not able to be processed and other orders were simply returned without any explanation at all. ARS Video makes communication with our customers essential and we keep them informed on the status of their orders. We have handled media digitization that Legacybox turned away! In all cases we were able to digitize the film and video to High-Definition files. We delivered the files back on a USB Flash Drive that works on TVs and on Computers. The customers were happy with our service and have peace of mind because we keep a backup copy of their files. After 35 years of experience transferring priceless memories, we have identified issues that cause a difficult transfer.


Due to the age of film and video tapes needing converted from analog to digital format, there are many levels of degradation that we have encountered. The main issue is storage – humidity and water damage cause brittle and curling damage to media, as well as mold, sticky surfaces and fungus growth that deteriorate the media. Video tapes – including professional formats like Umatic and Betacam and consumer formats like Betamax, VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, MiniDV and others – are 20 to 50 years old now. Many tapes have mold and Sticky Tape Syndrome. These are issues where we have developed and refined processes to clean, repair, and transfer the old analog media successfully.


There are techniques available to battle these deterioration problems. With film, we can test the level of Vinegar Syndrome deterioration and use special hand cleaners and restorer solutions. We have even been able to straighten curled films. The transfer equipment is designed to gently pull the film, avoiding sprocket holes altogether. The film is over-scanned frame by frame as HD, 2K or 4K, JPG or TIF and then put to AVI files. Archival film transfers require this level of detail along with a user-access MP4 edited file. The same level of effort is applied to consumer formats – Regular 8 and Super 8 film – providing a user-access MP4 High Def 1920 x 1080P file that’s been edited and color corrected.

With video tapes, we restore the VHS tapes by “baking,” removing mold, manually splicing, cleaning and winding them. The tapes are then digitized using professional TBC and SDI systems to create High-Def 1920x1080P MP4 files. We look for and remove TV programs, ground shots (unknowingly recording the ground), and anything else for which the customer would not want to pay.


Film stored properly can last over 100 years. We have digitized 1916 35MM film for the Holmes County Historical Society and 16MM film as old as the 1920s for university, library, corporate and government archive collections. The quality of our film restoration and conversion transfers is so good, we have been utilized in Hollywood productions! We use the same exact media recovery & digitization process to transfer your home movies since they are just as, if not more, important.

Since 1987, ARS Video, Inc has been a family-owned business operating out of Tallmadge, Ohio while serving the whole USA. We are an Archival media service provider for both consumer and institutional collections. We spend the extra time to preserve as much as is possible of priceless recorded memories, which does not seem to be the case with Legacybox. Allow us give you an estimate, and please consider giving ARS Video your Legacybox business.


ARS Video, Inc