In February, our team members had the opportunity to set up a booth at the Great Big Home and Garden Show at the IX Center in Cleveland.

While we were there, we noticed some recurring questions from individuals who were curious about the 16mm film projector we keep running at the booth–and some from those who stopped to chat about the sound and rush of fond memories it enticed!

Our team compiled a list of these questions and is here to set the record straight. Follow along as we dive into your frequently asked questions, our conversion services, and why ARS Video stands out.

Frequently Asked Questions on Converting Home Movies to Digital

Home movies with priceless memories of your family and other loved ones are truly irreplaceable, and one of the most common answers we get when we ask people if they have old VHS memories that need digitized is:

“I’ve been meaning to do that!”

Trusting strangers with your precious memories is no easy feat, however, and shipping your old film away can be daunting to say the least. At ARS Video, we understand the importance of your VHS tapes and use high-quality technology during the digital conversion process that keeps your memories safe and intact.

ARS Video

If you’re considering converting your VHS tapes to digital, here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers to help ease your mind regarding our process, abilities, and more:

Question #1) I don’t want to mail out my tapes/old film, are you local?

Yes! ARS Video is located in Tallmadge, Ohio at 161 Northwest Ave.
Suite 101. You are more than welcome to drop off your materials in person and chat with our team. Our experts would love the chance to get to know you and hear the story behind your VHS memories and old film.

However, for those of you who need to ship your analog media to us because you live far from our offices, you can download our packing slip from our website to include with your order. This will help to organize your project with us. We’ve never had an issue with missing packages for shipments sent to us using tracking, so you can rest assured your materials will be cared for.

Question #2) I can’t play my tapes anymore and I don’t know what’s on them, can ARS help?

Absolutely. In addition to providing a digital conversion service, ARS offers Media Recovery Services for damaged tapes that have grown susceptible to the wear-and-tear of time. Over time, tapes accumulate dust which leads to mold and causes the magnetic strip inside to deteriorate.

The majority of the time, we can correct the following issues on old tapes:

  • video skips
  • deleted portions of the tape
  • color corrections
  • exposure issues
  • and more!

Question #3) How much do your conversion services cost?

At ARS, we know everybody’s situation and materials are unique. That’s why we charge per foot for film and per hour of tape rather than per tape or reel, to get you the best deal possible. Each service comes with a free DVD or USB drive, and we’ll keep your files on location as well in case you ever need a backup.

The rates for each digital conversion service are:

  • Film = $.44 /ft
  • Video Tape = $23 /per hour
  • Audio = $25 /per hour
  • Photo/Slides = $.89 /per image

For a more detailed estimate, you can utilize our Estimate Tool.

**Please note the tool will give you an estimate only. Your actual invoice will most likely be lower than the estimate since we assume every tape or film reel is full at normal length.

Question #4) Besides tape and film conversions, what other services does ARS Video offer?

Your precious memories come in many different formats depending on when they were recorded, which is why film conversions and video digitizations aren’t the only services our team offers! ARS Video also specializes in audio conversions, photo/slide digitization, and the previously mentioned media recovery and restoration service.

For audio conversions, we’ll transfer everything from audiotapes and cassettes to vinyl records onto a CD or flash drive so you can listen to your favorite tunes from the past on the go.

Do you have photos or slides you’d like to preserve? Our experts can scan them into a digital file that will last for years to come.

Convert VHS to Digital with ARS Video

The Great Big Home & Garden Show offered our team a fantastic platform to engage with individuals passionate about preserving their cherished memories. From answering your most pressing questions about converting your old VHS tapes and film to a digital format, to providing insights into our meticulous process, we hope we’ve helped illuminate the path towards safeguarding your treasured moments.

ARS Video

Remember, your memories are irreplaceable and deserve the utmost care. If you’re ready to breathe new life into your old media, or if you still have questions that weren’t covered, don’t hesitate to reach out! Learn more by visiting us in Tallmadge, Ohio, or send us an email to get started with our conversion services.

Take the first step towards preserving your old videos today; your future self will thank you for the digitized memories!