With the number of large companies out there that offer digital conversions, you’d expect their services to be comprehensive. More often than not, what you will actually find is that many “big box” companies prefer to save on costs and the hassle of digitizing old analog media that have issues such as old tapes that need special attention.

At ARS Video, our experts are equipped to perform just about every media transfer service you can think of, from digitizing old VHS tapes and cassette tapes to handling moldy media and converting black and white photos to a digital format – and everything in between! Our conversion technology is top of the line, and our professionals handle your precious memories with care during the entire transfer process to ensure nothing is damaged.

ARS Video to the Rescue!

Recent communication with two customers is a good example of ARS Video’s comprehensive services and how we are able to jump in at the last minute to help preserve precious memories.

Customer #1 – Anonymous:

“I just got all my DVD/CD and Flip camera pics and videos returned by with a message that said, ‘This is a type of analog media we are unable to digitize.’ Can you help? I wanted them to prepare a graduation video montage for my daughter’s June 9 graduation. era.”

Further communication revealed that the customer had paid upfront for the service and was still trying to get a refund. Legacybox–like other “big box” digitization companies–charge upfront for their services and customers who need a refund need to wait for a period to get reimbursed.

Customers like her can depend on a different experience with ARS Video.  Once our team of experts receives your material, the first thing we do is review it and give you an estimate.  We charge per foot for film, per hour for video tapes, and per image for photos/slides.  We will only process your order after we receive your approval of the estimate.

Customer #2 – Dave Thomas: 

“Here are Hi-8 tapes returned to me from Legacybox.  Can you transfer them?”

The 8 Hi-8 tapes that were returned to customer Dave Thomas from Legacybox were moldy and sticky. Our experts spent several hours hand-winding them, splicing and in some cases putting them in new cases so that they could be digitized.

Hi-8 tapes returned to me from Legacybox      Hi-8 tapes returned to me from Legacybox


Our Digital Conversion Process

At ARS Video, we offer film, video, and audio conversion services, as well as photo/slide digitization. We understand how important your analog media is–it can hold countless precious memories after all from decades gone by!

We specialize in preserving your cherished memories through our comprehensive conversion services. Our film conversion process utilizes a frame-by-frame scanning system for 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm films, ensuring high-quality digital transfers. We include a flash drive with each order, allowing easy viewing on computers and TVs. Additionally, we offer film restoration and archival services for museums and historical societies, preserving historical footage with care. For video conversion, we handle formats like VHS-C, Hi-8 tapes, Mini-DVs, D8, DVCAM, Umatic, Betamax, Betacam SP, Digi Beta, HDV, Micro MV, DVD, miniDVD, PAL and VHS tapes, using professional equipment to digitize them into High-Definition digital formats for viewing today. Our video restoration services, including mold remediation, ensure your recordings are preserved and enhanced.

In addition to film and video, ARS Video offers audio and photo digitization services. We convert reel-to-reel, audio cassette tapes, and vinyl records, preserving the original quality with professional equipment. Finally, our photo digitization services cover various photo sizes and types, including negatives and slides, scanned at up to 4800 dpi and saved in TIF or JPG format. We provide competitive pricing and quantity discounts, making it affordable to digitize larger collections. Our meticulous process ensures your memories are preserved in the highest quality, ready for you to share and enjoy.

Let ARS Video Convert Your Precious Memories

When precious memories are captured on fragile analog media formats, it can be nerve-racking to even consider digitizing them by yourself at home.

Trust the professionals at ARS Video to handle everything with our digital conversion services. We’ll seamlessly transfer your memories to a USB drive, so you have a quality digital copy that lasts a lifetime. We also back up our work in-house in case you need another copy in the future.

Like our customer above, we’d love to help you turn precious memories into the perfect graduation, birthday, holiday, or anniversary gift for your loved one. Drop off or ship your materials today to get started preserving the past for an enjoyable viewing future!