You may have a family member that enjoyed filming everything, or you could have just received or discovered a box of Regular 8, Super 8, 16 and/or 35mm films. The best way to enjoy the images stored on these reels is to convert it to digital format for easy and secure viewing.

Why buy a vintage film editor or projector when you can enjoy those videos with today’s technology? With today’s video formats, you can watch them on your TV, laptop, tablet or phone without any strain.

Our professional 8mm film conversion services will deliver clean, crisp, and clear results to a High Definition resolution using Hollywood-grade technology, which is remarkable for vintage films. If you are worried about the cost, you should know that this will be a one-time investment that will be well worth it.

To make an informed choice on converting your R8/S8, 16 and 35mm films to digital format, the following are factors to consider:

They Will Not Last Forever

8mm, as well as Super 8, 16mm, and 35mm films are made of delicate materials, meaning that over the years the elements have taken their toll on your collection. Humidity and wet conditions cause significant damage to film. If kept under dry conditions, they can keep their overall integrity for many decades but tend to fade. Either way, you want to be able to watch those priceless family memories.

If you use a projector to play your films, you should know that every run could add scratches and burns to the film, depending upon the quality of the projector. In addition to the film’s fragility and the effects of the elements, your window to hold on to the video content is closing fast. There is no better way to preserve vintage footage than to digitize it. If you have highly valuable footage such as weddings, Christmases past or your first steps, the last thing you want is to have them fade away as the film degrades.

In addition, you can always back-up your digital files on to the cloud, keeping them safe for years.

To Save on Space
Vintage films are bulky, and several of them can take up an entire rack on a shelf. You can save on space by transferring them to a digital format that can fit on a small flash drive. If you wish, you can also upload them to the cloud, where they will take practically no space on your storage devices. For those who prefer it, we can transfer them to DVD discs as well.

They Make Unique Gifts
Digitized films not viewed for years or maybe never can make for excellent gifts for significant events, such birthdays, family reunions, holidays and anniversaries. See images of your grand parents and even great grand parents. A personalized copy of unique memories can truly transform a loved one’s special day.

If placed in digital format, the receiver will be able to watch those priceless memories at any time and pass them on to future generations. It will be the gift that keeps on giving.

What sets ARS, Inc apart
We are a family owned and operated business. We answer our phone and are committed to excellent customer service. If Gary, the owner, can not make it right ask for his mother Gloria, the founder of the company.

At ARS Video, we take advantage of the latest technology to capture your R8/S8, 16 and 35mm film reels. We use a multi-format movie scanner, which was designed specifically for the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood. This unit has no sprockets, claws or pinch rollers to potentially damage your priceless memories and only handles the film by the edges with no image area contact. A lack of pressure plate means no dust in the gate. Best of all, the resolution of the camera sensor is High Definition. This refers to the size of the image which is 1920 pixels in length and 1080 pixels in height to allow for the viewing of the transfer as a larger image to accommodate today’s televisions.

We deliver these High Def captures as MP4 files to you on a flash drive, which is included in our pricing. Each reel goes onto the flash drive as a separate file. If you want to upload these files onto the cloud, the MP4 format allows you to do it easily. If you prefer, we can do it for you. For experts who want to edit the raw film files, we can also provide AVI or MOV files.

Even though High Def can’t be transferred onto DVD, these are also available for those who prefer them as well as BluRay discs.
We clean and color adjust your film and add background music – all included in our pricing. We have been doing this for a long time, having transferred over 5 million feet of film since 1987. Our attention to detail and commitment to high quality set us apart.

Our pricing structure
Unlike other services, with ARS Video you will not be required to pay until your order is processed and is ready to be returned to you. In addition, you only pay for the actual feet of film we transfer. We will not transfer and you will not pay for film that is all black or all white.

We have a simple pricing structure that is based on total footage of film you have and is all inclusive. For R8/S8mm, the $.45/ft price gets you a flash drive (or DVD for those who prefer discs), cleaning and color adjusting of film as well as background music. The cost for the same service for 16mm film is $.35/ft and for 35mm film, $.55/ft. Quantity discounts are available.

With no hidden costs and a simple price structure, our pricing is very competitive when compared to other services out there. Besides, there can be no substitute to the level of service and care we provide. We never lose sight of what’s most important…the meaning and value of your irreplaceable memories to you and your family.

At ARS Video, we believe in transparency and putting your satisfaction first. That’s why our payment system sets us apart from the rest. You won’t be required to pay until your order is processed and ready to be returned to you. No upfront fees or surprises!

Why settle for less when you can experience top-notch service and competitive pricing? Choose ARS Video and let us bring your cherished memories back to life. Get in touch to discover the joy of preserving your irreplaceable moments – with a team that truly cares.