Are you thinking about converting your old video footage to a digital format? You typically have multiple options available. You might be thinking about converting them to a DVD, or you may be thinking about converting them to a mp4 file, so they can be stored on a flash drive. Before you select your conversion method, it is important to compare the benefits and drawbacks of the options you have at your disposal. Ultimately, flash drives are usually better than DVDs when it comes to storing digital footage. Here are just a few of the reasons that flash drives are a better option for your converted home videos.

1. You Have Access to a Larger Storage Capacity

First, if you decide to go with a flash drive, you will have access to a significantly larger storage capacity. In the past, a flash drive might have only been one or two gigabytes, but this has changed significantly over time. Today, it is possible to find a flash drive with an entire terabyte of storage. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said when it comes to DVDs. If you have larger media files, particularly High-Definition movies which can often take up three to four gigabytes on their own, you are going to need more storage space. In this situation, you will be best served by a flash drive.

2. There Is Less That Can Go Wrong

If you go to the trouble of converting your video footage to a digital format, you want to make sure that it will last. Therefore, you should select a storage format that is durable. With a drive, there are fewer moving parts than there are in a conventional hard drive or optical drive. As a result, there is less of a chance of the media format becoming unreadable, and your memories being lost to damage.

flash drives vs dvd

3. They Take Up Less Space

Storage space is often at a premium in our homes. This includes not only digital space that also physical space. If you convert all of your home video footage to DVDs, this will still take up a significant amount of room on a shelf or in a closet. By comparison, these drives are incredibly small, and you can store them almost anywhere. If you want to avoid taking up an entire shelf with your video footage, then these drives will serve you well as your storage method.

4. They Are Less Expensive

Are you looking for a way to save money on your conversion process? If so, then you should use a flash drive instead. It is not unusual to be able to buy flash drives in bulk for considerably cheap prices. In contrast, you are not going to be able to find this same option when it comes to DVDs, especially because DVDs are becoming harder to find, and as a result the price is continuing to rise. If you want to store your video footage in an inexpensive manner, then you should use a drive once you have finished your conversions.

5. Do Not Worry About Dust or Scratches

Flash drives are significantly more durable than DVDs. Think about everything that can go wrong with a DVD. From becoming easily scratched, to accidents causing the disc to snap, destroying the accessibility completely. However, when it comes to modern flash drives, they typically have a tough outer casing to protect the internal components. Additionally, flash drives are also going to resist damage related to dust. Although dust itself is not a major threat to DVDs, the cleaning process can very easily damage a disc if not performed perfectly. With a flash drive, the chip that holds the media file is safely contained within the device, separate from where any dust could accumulate. If you want to find a long-lasting, durable video storage method, then you should go with a flash drive for your home videos.

6. The Video Quality is Better

Here at ARS, another reason that converting your old videos to a flash drive is the best option is because we make sure that the final video that is in High-Definition. This level of video playback is not offered by other conversion services, and will ensure that the updated video you receive is ready to be enjoyed by you and your family in any setting.

7. Many Playback Options

In addition to coming in a High-Definition format, our flash drives are also formatted to play on your television! This attention to detail ahead of time means that you have a multitude of options for the viewing of your converted video, instead of being restricted to viewing on your computer, as many other flash drive conversions result in.

8. Easy Access

Another major advantage of the flash drive over a DVD is the complete access that it affords. If you need to make a copy of the file, or you need to edit the video found on the flash drive, the High-Definition file format makes this exceedingly easy, especially when compared to the process to do the same with DVDs. This also means that if you want to upload a copy of the video to the Cloud for safekeeping, you can easily and quickly do so.
Professional Conversion Services

If you are in the process of converting your VHS footage to a digital format, you need to select your storage method carefully. That is where a flash drive can be helpful. If you are interested in learning more about your ideal storage options or need help converting old VHS cassettes, please contact us today. Here at ARS Video, we would be happy to help you convert your VHS cassettes to a digital format, as well as many other film and audio conversions you may need. If you would like to learn more about our video conversion process, please give us a call today!

Ready to upgrade your VHS footage to a digital format? Opt for the versatility of a flash drive! Enjoy complete access, easy file copying, seamless editing, and effortless cloud uploading. At ARS Video, we’re here to make your digital conversion journey smooth and professional. Whether it’s VHS cassettes or other film and audio conversions, our experts are ready to assist you. Contact us today to explore your ideal storage options and kickstart your video conversion process!