Growing up, how many of us collected original, taped audio cassettes of our favorite memories with our families, conversations, personal memos, and even ourselves singing? 

Such a shame all those memories are stuck on audio cassette tapes that are either too fragile to play, or the tape decks on which to play them are so difficult to come by.  

If only there was some way of transferring all old audio from cassette to blank compact discs (CDs) or digital files.

Well, thanks to a range of technological advancements over the years, your wish has just come true!

You will be happy to know that, with the right equipment, it is now very possible to record all your old audio currently trapped in cassette tape land onto CD.

How, you ask? Please, read on.

This offering seeks to explain in SIX easy steps, how to transfer audio from cassette tape to CD – at home:

  1. At home, make sure you have a cassette player with a clean head and an audio RCA output; a “Y” stereo adapter with RCA cables at both ends; a desktop computer or laptop with a sound card and sound recording software. 
  2. With both your cassette and computer turned off, follow the color code of your RCA cables to connect them to both your cassette player and the line-in of the computer’s sound card.
  3. Turn on both your cassette player and computer. Open the computer’s sound recording software and click on the “RECORD” button and, at the same time, also press “PLAY” on the cassette player. Make sure volume is low on both devices.
  4. Once the audio cassette player has finished playing, click the “STOP” button of your computer’s sound recording software. Click on “FILE” and then the “SAVE” button to save the audio file to your preferred location on your computer. 
  5. If your computer’s sound recording software allows, proceed to edit any unwanted sounds. Once editing is over, your file is ready to transfer to CD.
  6. Insert a writable blank CD into your computer’s drive. Click on the saved edited file and click “BURN”. Your computer’s drive should commence copying/burning the file onto the CD in the drive. You can play the CD when burning is complete. 

The Best Way to Transfer the Audio is to Convert 

Although transferring audio from cassette tape to CD by yourself is possible and quite simple, however, for technical and other reasons, we, at ARS, have found the resultant sound quality is not always the best.

For this reason, we recommend converting the audio cassette content by digitizing it to an updated digital media format.   

How, you ask again? By letting ARS Video professionally and proficiently handle the conversion for you, of course!  

Indeed, whilst transferring audio from cassette tape to CD by yourself is a personal accomplishment and enables you to play it for as long as the CD remains unscratched and unbroken, one sure way of preserving your audio cassette content is by digitizing it to an updated digital media format, such as a flash-drive.

By so doing, not only will the audio from the cassette tape be preserved for longer, but it will also be in a more convenient playback format.

In addition, in a digital format, the share-ability of personal recordings is equally increased.  

Without a doubt, converting audio cassette content by digitizing it to an updated digital media format, is and remains the best way to preserve, protect and play all those precious yesteryear voices, sounds and songs.

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