You may have a collection of VHS movies of your childhood. Not only are these taking up valuable space in your home, but you may not even have a functioning VHS player to play them all anymore. Sharing the videos with family may be nearly impossible at this point.

This is when you should make the decision to convert your VHS movies into a better format. The question is, do you convert to digital or to DVD? It’s important to examine the options carefully.

Which Conversion Option is Best?

You’ll want to have your VHS tapes converted in a way that works best for your storage and playback devices. DVD and Blu-Ray discs are generally available, although it will require you to have the necessary disc reading equipment, and unfortunately, DVD and Blu-Ray equipment are quickly becoming obsolete.

Additionally, if you wanted to watch your converted video on a computer, you many run into issues as many of the latest computers don’t even include disc readers. This means that you will still need to purchase and maintain the necessary equipment to watch your movies. As technology advances and these pieces of equipment become difficult to find in stores, you will still need to have your VHS tapes converted to a digital format.

The best option available today is to have your VHS tape converted to a digital file, and stored on a flash drive or external hard drive. This format allows you to easily play movies on your TV or computer, as we format our flash drives to be accessible on both devices. The video file on the flash drive will be converted to High Definition 1080P, ensuring that you get the best possible quality from all of your converted movies. Especially if you plan on watching your home movies on a big screen, you’ll appreciate it being in HD.

Our conversions are made into a high-def MP4 format, delivered to you on a flash drive. Should you wish to edit raw film footage, the MP4 format is compatible with all common editing software and Cloud services. Additionally, a flash drive today will hold a significant amount of data when compared to DVDs.

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Why DVDs are Dropping Off

One of the primary reasons that we recommend the flash drive over DVDs when it comes to converting your VHS tapes, is because DVD sales and availability are steadily declining. Since 2008, sales of DVDs have declined by over 86%.

Why? Much of it has to do with the increased availability of online platforms. Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus remove the need to have a collection of DVDs to access the movies and television shows that might otherwise be purchase.

Another issue that prevents DVDs from staying in the market is that they don’t offer the HD quality that you’ll find with online and digital formats. This means that your movies simply won’t look as sharp as they could. And with older movies, you want them to look as good as possible.

Convert Your VHS Movies Today

With so many people getting rid of DVDs and DVD players, you have to consider which format is going to best serve you and your home movies. After all, you’ll want to watch your home movies as often as you desire without having to worry about how you’ll play them.

Whether you decide you want to go with DVDs, a flash drive, or even both, we can provide you with fast, competitively priced conversions. Fill out our online estimate tool, or contact us today to get started.

As DVDs and DVD players become less common, it’s essential to choose the right format for your VHS home movies. At ARS Video, we offer fast and competitively priced VHS tape conversions to DVDs, flash drives, or both. Get started now with our online estimate tool or contact us for more details!