If you are an owner or collector of VHS tapes and movies, you want to protect your own investment in this area of entertainment.

Here is something to consider. There have not been any new VHS tapes produced in more than a decade. In fact, no movies are made onto VHS tapes at all anymore.

Do you know the name of the last movie that went on a VHS tape cassette?

We have that answer and more here at ARS Video.

Find out what that final film was to be put out on VHS and see if you have it in your VHS library and movie collection. 

What is the Name of the Last Movie on VHS

Without any further suspense, the final movie that was put out on a VHS tape cassette for the general public was titled A History of Violence.

What a shocking name for a movie to hold such a record!

Why did they choose this movie to be the last one to go to the VHS version of film production?

It really does make you wonder about why they chose this particular movie, considering the context and gravity of not producing VHS movies anymore.

However, that is the name of the movie and it was produced and released by David Cronenberg.

The movie was based on a book, a graphic novel with the same title. The book version was authored by Josh Olson.

The film adaptation is considered to be an action thriller and stars the popular actor, Viggo Mortensen.

The action thriller was finished a year before it was released on VHS tape, which we will cover in a moment. 

About A History of Violence

A History of Violence is a story about a restaurant owner, played by Mortensen, who lives in Indiana in a rural town.

There Mortensen, who acts as Tom Stall, lives with his wife and their two children.

His wife is played by Maria Bello, and the story gets right into when Stall gets into a situation with some would-be robbers at his restaurant.

It is more like an old-fashioned diner, rather than a restaurant if that helps you any.

The story continues when Stall commits murder out of self-defense against these criminals.

As you can imagine, the story is violent, and the movie maintains this thriller vibe throughout the film.

While not a huge success, the movie features some popular actors and actresses that are interesting to some.

The Year: 2006

When did this movie, A History of Violence, get released onto VHS tape?

The date was March 14, and the year 2006 was when the last film was released on a VHS tape.

Viewers had been watching movies on DVD and Blu-Ray for so long that they were now going to be able to go without new VHS movies and still had plenty of a selection to choose from.

Also, technology was advanced beyond VHS, and VHS tape players and recorders were also becoming obsolete.

As a result, the choice of movie studios was made, and the final VHS movie was produced, A History of Violence.

Restoring a VHS Movie

If you have a copy of A History of Violence on a VHS tape, it is a good investment to have this tape restored.

By restoring your VHS tapes, you can remove any dirt or bacteria, and regain the near-original state of the tape and cassette box.

However, you may still be unable to watch the movie from the VHS tape.

Therefore, it is a good idea to have the movie transferred over to a digital version for your viewing pleasure.

You can still hang on to your now vintage copy of A History of Violence and save this for prosperity’s sake.

After all, there will never be another movie made on VHS by a movie studio.

This is the last one!

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